Bullough on his firing

Got a nice voicemail from Chuck Bullough last night and he included a very diplomatic goodbye to UCLA:

“I enjoyed working here. Obviously I enjoyed working here. This is part of the profession. The only thing is, the only disappointing thing is I don’t get to be around these players, who I really enjoy. It’s going to be a special defense. Obviously you can see the talent. As soon as they grow up and get older next year, it’s going to be a special team, and I wish I would’ve been a part of it. But that’s the profession, and we know that.”

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  • Blue Bruin

    I’m so glad we got this little note and no game write up from the Wooden Classic. Given UCLA’s long, glorious football history, and the fact that UCLA has absolutely no basketball legacy, it’s quite understandable how priority was given to the “breaking” news of the football staff shake up.

  • Anonymous

    nice touch by coach cb.

  • Check out Dailynews.com/sports for the game recap and a long feature on the 88-game streak.

  • 1Bruinfan

    Speak for yourself Blue Bruin. The fact that we and the administration place so much emphasis on our basketball success is part of the reason that our football program has not been successful lately. As a Bruin I’m just as much interested in what happens off the field or court as I am at gametime. THere are many sources for post game recaps for yesterday’s game (this being one of them) but Jon is the only one so far who has posted any of Bullough’s comments after being fired. It’s nothing new of breaking news, but at least he took the time. Thanks Jon.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to know CB can show some class on his way out. Too bad he failed to show it with a lot of the players he coached. And JG, if you talk to him again, just ask him if he thought he treated all his players with respect. And this has nothing to do with skill level. He can look in the mirror and answer that question for himself as he moves on.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, Jon is not the only one posting Bullough’s comments. ESPN had Bullough’s comments and had them on the day he was fired, not the day after.

  • Defense wins games

    Not sure what you are alluding to but Bullough called the defensive players yesterday. This was not expected but did show class. My son was surprised.