Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Anonymous

    What is your gut feeling on Chow? Stays, fired outright, “reasigned” to QB coach only, or “saves face” by taking another job or retiring?

  • Anonymous

    What happens first: UCLA FB winning national championship or Calabasas winning Marmonte league?

  • bruwin5931

    Hi Jon,

    Have a question I hope you can answer: do you know who the potential candidates are for the recent openings on the coaching staff? Thanks in advance.

  • 909Bruin

    happy holidays playboy…My question is, what are the advantages AND disadvantages between having an official visit during the season (on a game week) and after the season? I know UCLA is having another group of kids coming in Jan, and i’m wondering why do it after the season and with no kids on campus? thanks playa

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it time that Howland had a word with his guys regarding their…um…beards (and I use that term loosely). Seriously, either find a usable razor or grow a man’s beard. This scraggly, just-rolled-out-of-bed look is driving me nuts!

  • tim warren

    Fox’s coverage of UCLA and the Pac 10 is less than complete national coverage. I’ve been having to watch a lot of the Fox games on the Internet even though I live in San Diego. Any idea what UCLA and the conference think about this contract? Plus, do you know when the contract is up for renewal?

  • Football Fan

    What is the status of Darius Bell? Is he still in the mix or did he fall out after his brief stint against Washington? Is Prince planning on returning in the spring?

  • Doug


    Whoever becomes the new defensive coordinator will inherit an incredible group of talented defensive lineman. They are as talented as any young group in the country. Regardless of position, how would you rate the UCLA defensive lineman (Willis, Marsh, Graham, Owa, D. Jones, Bryant, Chandler, Edison, Epenesa, Flowers, Holmes, and Tepa) in terms of pure talent, ability, and the impact they will make in the program in the next few years.

  • ucla34

    Read some commets on the blog that you were getting bashed or something like that. Don’t worry bout these dorks with no life on here. Your doing fine bro. Appreciate the coverage. My question is in regards to Barry Sanders Jr. I know Ucla was one of his top 4 choices in Oct. Are we still in the running for him? Would be a “huge” get. Wouldn’t you agree? Thnx and godbles you and your fam. Merry Christmas

  • Anonymous

    Any realistic prospects for the the new DC? It seems unlikely either of the rumors would seriously consider the job…
    I know it isn’t the focus of this blog, but: Auburn or Oregon?
    One last question: How do you teach fans to be classy?

  • John A

    What up with Josh Smith (football)? I noticed he didn’t return kicks in the USC game and didn’t appear to play at WR either. I don’t remember him being reported as being hurt. Is he in the doghouse? Must say I was hoping for a much bigger impact from him in the return game than we got.

  • MoeBruins

    Have you heard anything new on where UCLA will be playing home basketball games next year? Will MSG buying up the Forum and turning it into a concert only arena affect the plans to play most of their home games at the Forum?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think there’s a chance of getting jerry rice to coach the receivers? It goves him a chance to coach his son.

  • Anonymous

    Now that Coach CB is gone, who do you think Coach Neu should consider (realistically speaking) replacing him with? What about Coach Moore? Have you heard about anyone he is considering?

  • Anonymous

    USC fottball currently has 22 verbal committments for the class of 2011. But I thought the NCAA sanctions restricted them to only 15 recruits from that class? Can you clarify?

  • robear20

    Jon, I read on another blog that CRN is trying to raise money from boosters etc. to “buy out” Chows contract. My question is, why would this be necessary, I had read that the Chows contract extension was approved but has not been signed, is the “buy out” only for the remaining term of hid existing contract? Thanks, Robear20.