Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) With 2 QB guru coaches…why can’t we recruit or coach up any of our scholarship QB’s? A. Luck and K. Moore are studs, but i would have to say their coaches are coaching them up…would you agree? Do we need to hire a full time QB coach? If yes, why haven’t we done so already? – Steve Clarkson
I think UCLA is in dire need of a quarterbacks coach. Ben Olson made the point on of the podcasts that Chow has always done better with a QB coach, because his biggest strength is the correction of flaws and mechanics, but not so much the conveying of that information to quarterbacks. And given Neuheisel’s propensity to be…colorful…with his quarterbacks on the sidelines, I think he could use a go-between as well.

2) Thanks for all the hardwork and insight on UCLA. I am worried that Men’s Basketball attendance is dropping like a rock. How bad is it? What were the attendance figures in the last 3 games? What does the athletic department say about it? – bruinstc
The UCLA attendance has been abysmal, and the athletic department surely is not happy. With the renovations pushing the team out of Pauley Pavilion next season, they’ve got to be pretty nervous.

3) Scott Wolf stated that he believes Neuheisel’s program does not have much structure and that he is not well liked by his players.
Would you agree with these statements to any extent? – Anonymous

At least outwardly, I don’t get that impression from players. Obviously there is a sense of frustration, but by and large, Neuheisel gets a pass, at least when I talk to the players. What they’re saying behind doors and to family members might be different, but I can only answer with what I know. Now, regarding structure, there could be something to that. But a major D-1 program is always going to have its issues, and I don’t think UCLA is anything different than most other schools.

4) What is your gut feeling on Chow? Stays, fired outright, “reasigned” to QB coach only, or “saves face” by taking another job or retiring? – Anonymous
My guess is No. 4.

5) What happens first: UCLA FB winning national championship or Calabasas winning Marmonte league? – Anonymous
What’s option three? Given those two…UCLA winning national championship. Sorry Calabasasans.

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  • Anonymous

    hey! i go to Calabasas. and our freshman team didnt win a football game this year, but i have hope

  • spedjones

    LOL. 1987 was the last time CHS had a great football team. But Larry Edwards is a great history teacher…

  • CrouchingBruin

    If you think attendance at the basketball games is bad now, just wait until the renovated Pauley opens up and everyone has to pony up a wad of cash just for the “privilege” of buying a season ticket. My mother-in-law, who has had four season tickets since Pauley opened, recently gave them up because its gotten too expensive.

  • Just remember who the last 2 AD are. DG was out of Irvin, who prior to his move to UCLA never ran a big time program outside of baseball.

    And he followed an AD who came to the position from inside promotion, after serving as the recreation program manager.

    The program has not had a really knowledgeable big time administrator. You can check the program’s decline by following the attendance numbers, and the season ticket sales. They match the AD’s comings and goings.