Weekly Answers, Pt. 7

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1) My question is in regards to Barry Sanders Jr. I know Ucla was one of his top 4 choices in Oct. Are we still in the running for him? Would be a “huge” get. Wouldn’t you agree? Thnx and godbles you and your fam. Merry Christmas – UCLA34
Yeah, UCLA is still in the running for him, but he hasn’t mentioned the Bruins much in recent interviews. He’s a fantastic talent, and yeah, he’d be a huge get.

2) What up with Josh Smith (football)? I noticed he didn’t return kicks in the USC game and didn’t appear to play at WR either. I don’t remember him being reported as being hurt. Is he in the doghouse? Must say I was hoping for a much bigger impact from him in the return game than we got. – John A
First of all, I was expecting a much bigger impact, too. I said as much, several times. Smith is a talented wideout, but it seems that he has a shorter leash than most for some reason. The coaches seem to talk him up, but his playing time toward the end just didn’t seem commensurate. He battled nagging injuries, and surely that affected him, but I was surprised he didn’t see more time.

3) Do you think there’s a chance of getting jerry rice to coach the receivers? It goves him a chance to coach his son. – Anonymous
No, I don’t think so.

4) USC fottball currently has 22 verbal committments for the class of 2011. But I thought the NCAA sanctions restricted them to only 15 recruits from that class? Can you clarify? – Anonymous
If they enroll early, the scholarship count to last year’s class. Some creative management.

5) Which basketball player has surprised you the most so far? – Anonymous
Probably Brendan Lane, who is producing more than I expected in more minutes than I expected. But I also think Lazeric Jones has been a huge upgrade over last season, and perhaps that has been more important.

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  • ev

    “Creative management” sounds like it’s something other schools don’t do, including UCLA.

  • PeterUCLA

    Isn’t “creative management” what earned them sanctions in the first place?

  • Anonymous

    Actually every school in the country does that. Brett Hundley will be enrolling early for UCLA and will count towards last years class.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Typical SUC, always bending the rules to suit their needs. One early enrollee seems reasonable but 9?! The NCAA needs to look into their recruiting practices ASAP. It seems totally unfair that we play by the rules and they do whatever they want regardless of sanctions.

  • UCLA96

    I could be wrong, but I thought USC was appealing the scholarship reductions part of the sanctions and as such would not have their scholarships reduced until after the appeal was heard.

  • cv

    UCLA69 is correct! Any recruits under 25 will count as time served