Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) I admire your hard work and dedication to what u do, just wanna say thanks and happy holidays. As for my question I have two, 1) what will our starting offense and defense look like in 2011? – Benji
Projected starting offense: Brehaut/Franklin/Rosario/Embree/Harkey/Barr/Baca/Ward/Maiava/Hasiak/Harris
Projected starting defense:
Jones/Marsh/Chandler/Owa (Holmes)/Westgate/Larimore/Zumwalt/Price/Dye/Riley/Hester

2) Do you think if we are blessed with another year of ayers and/or moore and returing 10 starters not including datone jones, do we have a legit shot at the PAC-12 CHAMPIONSHIP?? Thanks again… – Benji
I think that’s a bit optimistic, but if UCLA can avoid drastic injuries and gets improved quarterback play, which you’d have to think is realistic, then I think a top-4 finish and eight wins is possible.

3) Jon, repeat question from the last weekly Q&A. I read on another blog that CRN is trying to raise money from boosters etc. to “buy out” Chows’ contract. My question is, why would this be necessary, I have read that Chows’ contract extension was approved but has not been signed, would the “buy out” be only for the remaining term of his existing contract? Thanks, Robear20. – robear20
From my understanding, Chow’s contract was signed a couple weeks ago.

4) People try and say Chow has lost it as an Offensive Coordinator. I admit some of the play calling wasn’t the greatest. But lets be real. We saw what he did with “really” talented players at SC. Do you think he is gone? – UCLA34
I think it would be pretty awkward between Neuheisel and Chow if Chow returned, so I think that ship has passed.

5) What’s the status on Rocky Long and Dewayne Walker? – UCLA34
Long is a long shot, and I’m pretty sure Walker is a no-shot.

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  • cedar_23

    I say let CRN buy out chow with his own money