Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • benji

    Hey jon,
    I admire your hard work and dedication to what u do, just wanna say thanks and happy holidays. As for my question I have two, 1) what will our starting offense and defense look like in 2011? 2) Do you think if we are blessed with another year of ayers and/or moore and returing 10 starters not including datone jones, do we have a legit shot at the PAC-12 CHAMPIONSHIP??
    Thanks again..

  • robear20

    Jon, repeat question from the last weekly Q&A. I read on another blog that CRN is trying to raise money from boosters etc. to “buy out” Chows’ contract. My question is, why would this be necessary, I have read that Chows’ contract extension was approved but has not been signed, would the “buy out” be only for the remaining term of his existing contract? Thanks, Robear20.

  • ucla34

    People try and say Chow has lost it as an Offensive Coordinator. I admit some of the play calling wasn’t the greatest. But lets be real. We saw what he did with “really” talented players at SC. Do you think he is gone? What’s the status on Rocky Long and Dewayne Walker? Can Hundley sway Barry Sanders Jr? Lol

  • ET

    Hope you had a good holiday w/ your family.

    2 part question:

    Part 1)If you were Rick and you could land any of these guys at Defensive coordinator…who would you hire and why?(Vic Fangio,Rocky Long, Randy Shannon, Mike Singletary, DeWayne Walker)

    Part 2) Are any of these guys realistic options and do you think we land anyone from this list?


  • mike04

    Are there any developments with the coaching staff that we just aren’t hearing about or is it really going this slow? I understand it takes time and UCLA is not the only school going through transitions. Do you get a sense CRN is waiting on particular people to finish their respective seasons?

  • Anonymous


    You’ve complained frequently how you are unhappy about the negativity of Bruin fans. You say that you didn’t see that in your previous jobs covering SDSU and others. Could it be that maybe it’s just different covering big time athletics than a mid-major school and this just comes with the territory? Do you believe it’s any different at Florida State or Texas A&M?

  • Wyatt

    You give a lot of honest takes on things. How hard is it to strike a balance between giving honest–often critical–opinions of coaches, players, etc and still working with them to get interviews, insights, and access in general? That is, how often do guys say, “you called me a no talent ass clown; why would I give you an interview?”

  • John


    Given that the point guards out west available are not highly rated the next couple of years, what do you think Coach Howland is looking at as far as options?

  • Anonymous

    Basketball: Is UCLA seriously recruiting any point guards from the 2011 class?

  • Spencer

    Any update on hiring a defensive coordinator?

  • sp0tjones

    If you and Ralph Irvin ran the 40 – who would have the fastest time?

  • Djdan

    Malcom Jones was clearly the most talented RB this year. Any idea why he rarely saw pt? What are the chances he transfers to another school? How does the OL look for 2011? Keep up the good work.

  • Rob M

    Jon, my hat went off to UConn’s WBB when they recorded their 88th and 89th wins. Knowing that 35 of our record-setting 106 NCs are in Women’s sports, in what context do you view UConn’s achievement? (ie. it should fall somewhere between “only-counts-in-Women’s-college-Basketball” and “greatest-streak-of-all-time”.

  • Legalsean

    Jon: What are your thoughts on the basketball team? What is the biggest surprise and the disappointment?

  • Anonymous

    Is Mike Singletary a legit possibility for our dc? Would he be on top of our list?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon Happy Holidays, Love the Blog, Thanks for all your efforts. Here is my question: Is Benji on crack?


  • DonkeyBruin

    Looking into your Crystal Ball… how many games does this UCLA Basketball team win this year? Do they make the tourney? Happy Holidays!

  • On ESPN, Mike Bellatti, the former Oregon football coach and AD, said that universities either break even (on the premier bowls) or lose money on the bowls because in large part of the school ticket allotments. If this is the true, then why are the Presidents and ADs so unwilling to discard the bowl system?

  • Anonymous

    I am not a twitter or facebook user. However, I have an IPhone. Any chance you will be adding an IPhone/IPad app for this blog?

  • BruinBurd

    What are the realistic names out there for the DC job and WR job? Are there interviews going on right now that are confirmed? Is there an date set to announce?


    You wrote “I think it would be pretty awkward between Neuheisel and Chow if Chow returned, so I think that ship has passed.”

    What did I miss? Did Neuheisel say he no longer has confidence in Chow?

  • Sunset Bruin

    Does UCLA football have any “secret commits”? If so, are any in the top ten at their position(s)?


  • kenny

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks again for all your hard work and hope you enjoyed the erm, secular break. My question is: Are the powers-that-be angry at Rick Neuheisel for essentially wasting their money on Norm Chow with his new contract now that it is highly possible that UCLA gets a new offensive coordinator? If so, how does that affect Rick Neuheisel? Thanks!

  • David

    If the players out west are so crappy, how did Howland find two great players from Cameroon when he was just starting with UCLA? Why can’t he look internationally again?

  • CrouchingBruin

    Regarding the search for a new defensive coordinator, how much will finances play into who the Bruins can or will get? I think I remember Coach Neuheisel taking less in salary when he was hired so UCLA could attract Norm Chow with a decent offer. Not that I want to see Coach Chow get fired, but it seems that the Bruins might let him go simply for financial reasons so they can put more money into getting a better DC, then have Coach Neuheisel take over the majority of the OC duties and get a QB coach or a token OC.

  • Rin Tin Tin

    If Chow not with team next yr, this will look bad in media, recruits, and overall image? If Chow couldn’t improved offense, then who? Sean Peyton of Saints?

  • Rin Tin Tin

    You think ucla players pay for their own tattoo’s? ha! Someone is paying for them, and it aint their mamma’s…how come no one questioning this?

  • uclabrruin1989

    It would seem that Howland’s biggest recruit for next year is Honeycutt. What are the realistic chances he stays? Heard any rumblings? If Singler can return to dook why is assumed that TH can’t come back to UCLA?

  • holding my breath

    if football team goes 9th place next year again, considered an improvement since 12 teams now, and team got new coaches?

  • Anonymous

    What do you think of the Renardo Sidney fiasco? Do you think he deserves another chance or should he be kicked off?

  • Anonymous

    Do you see Norman Powell as a Westbrook-mold? Seems like the athleticism is there

  • G.O.B.ruins

    Hey Jon, great work with this blog. When does Sua-Filo come back from his mission, and does he come back to UCLA at all? Has there been any word? Sorry if you’ve answered this already.