Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Is Mike Singletary a legit possibility for our dc? Would he be on top of our list? – Anonymous
No, he is not going from an NFL head coach to a college defensive coordinator.

2) Looking into your Crystal Ball… how many games does this UCLA Basketball team win this year? Do they make the tourney? Happy Holidays! – DonkeyBruin
I think the team finishes the regular season with 20 wins and gets two more in the Pac-10 tournament, and sneaks into the NCAA Tournament.

3) On ESPN, Mike Bellotti, the former Oregon football coach and AD, said that universities either break even (on the premier bowls) or lose money on the bowls because in large part of the school ticket allotments. If this is the true, then why are the Presidents and ADs so unwilling to discard the bowl system? – BruinBall
I think that’s a bit of an overstatement. There may not be a financial windfall for the Whatchamacallit Bowl, but aside from a unique situation like UConn trying to fill its seat allotment, schools wouldn’t do it if they didn’t make some money.

4) I am not a twitter or facebook user. However, I have an IPhone. Any chance you will be adding an IPhone/IPad app for this blog? – Anonymous
The Daily News has an iPhone application, with Inside UCLA and Inside USC tabs. I’ll try to find a way to link it or something.

5) You wrote “I think it would be pretty awkward between Neuheisel and Chow if Chow returned, so I think that ship has passed.” What did I miss? Did Neuheisel say he no longer has confidence in Chow? – UCLABZ
He said nothing about his confidence, but his late-season and off-season comments have been less-than-enthusiastic about Chow’s performance and his future at UCLA, so if there was any chance of a return, and that’s looking unlikely, then there would be a need for some serious kumbaya.

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  • localbruin

    My ship has definitely passed Chow. Whenever I can call the plays in advance with 75% accuracy, I am certain that the OC is a hidebound conventionalist. Chow learned his craft in the days of slow footed players (BYU) and quarterbacks that planted in the pocket. He isn’t the right guy for a new game built on speed and gaining the edge by multifaceted QBs.

    Now, if we could just find a fast, multifaceted QB, Chow’s deficiencies wouldn’t be quite as obvious.

    Here’s hoping that whomever coordinates the offense next year gives us something more than the tango offense: left, right, left, kick.

  • Anonymous

    Local bruin, i think your wrong. Chow mixed it up, he sometimes went left, right, right, kick. And sometimes he even went right, right, right, kick.

  • camobmus

    Last I looked, excepting Vick, every NFL QB that I’m aware of is a slow footed pocket planter.

    With all of UCLA’s snakebit injury issues, I don’t know how anyone can really evaluate Chow’s job here.