Happy New Years…and sorry.

Hey guys,

I really don’t know the technical breakdown of what killed the blog over the last few days, but it appears that we’re past it. I kept posting while it was down, so you should be able to catch up.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years, happy and healthy, and enjoy some football. Thank you loyal readers for continuing to visit the blog often, and I appreciate the readership and interest.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and here’s to a 2011 that’s 2011 times better than 2010.

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  • bruinrhodes

    You crushed it this year jon. Happy new year bro.

  • Not an IT Guy But…

    You don’t check up on your postings? That’s the first rule of Web publishing. Seems like amateur hour to me…

  • cliq

    Jon isn’t the IT guy either… so he posted and it was down and now it’s fixed after a couple days.
    If anything I feel bad because I was going to make a snide comment about no updates after the Wazzu win. But I restrained myself because of the holidays. Good thing I did! šŸ™‚

  • Semi-Pro

    Well, it looks like one trend will continue to the new year. Jackass commenters…

  • Anonymous

    u don’t these whinners an apology, they will never be satisfied.

  • Anonymous

    Not an IT guy . . . nor civilized.

    Just because you check your ‘blog posts constantly hoping desperately for someone to leave a comment doesn’t entitle you to be rude to the author.

  • Anonymous

    He did check up on his postings, he just didn’t know why it was happening. Seems like idiot post to me…

  • Anonymous


  • Reformed Droog

    Maybe you should re-read his post before opening your hole. Jon was aware of the problem, but he’s not aware of what caused it. How is that the same as him not checking his postings?

  • Marc

    Not an it guy; just an idiot.

  • 2011

    He did check his posting. He just didn’t know why the technical breakdown happened. Seems like an idiot comment to me…

  • Not a Customer Service Rep

    Not an It Guy, I suggest you demand your money back.


    I’ve got nothing to say, just wanted to see if the posting element is working. It is now January 6, afterall.