Back in business

Looks like the commenting is back up on the blog and we’re back at full go.

We’ll have a new Q&A tomorrow morning.

Thanks for hanging in there.

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  • cliq


  • Anonymous

    Comments up, UCLA recruiting down šŸ™

  • LABruin

    While watching the Rose Bowl game, I couldn’t help but think TCU was running the type of offense everyone thought UCLA would run with the usage of the pistol but not having it be the main formation. Do you think UCLA will go back under center or use shot gun with the use of the pistol but mix it up more next year?

  • Reformed Droog

    LABruin – I’m pretty sure that’ll depend on who our offensive coordinator is…

  • bruincheerleader

    …and just when are we getting our new coaches?…it seems that the whole college football world is moving forward and we are stuck in neutral…

  • bruin pride

    There shouldn’t be any incoming recruits, except for possibly Hundley, that will be challenging for major minutes on next year’s team. Since you have already seen most of the current players in game action or at least in practice, what are your early, early, early predictions for the success of next year’s squad? Also, knowing this year’s recruiting class will be smaller than the previous 3, what/who would need to be in the class for it to be considered a success?