Allmond to transfer

Just got official word from Jayson Allmond that he intends to transfer, and he said it looks like Idaho will be the destination, either at running back or linebacker.

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  • INawe

    -1 CRN

    This is horrible news. I knew the pistol offense doesn’t need the use of a fb but I was hoping Jayson would get a chance. He is a Toby Gerhart type player that is going to run over people. Wish him the best.

  • SidVicious

    Good luck. Frees up a scholie for someone who’s a better fit for our system.

  • Coach Thom

    Jayson never seemed to capture the attention and/or confidence of Coach Rick or Coach Norm. I certainly wish him all the best at Idaho. Perhaps this will open up another ride for an O-lineman or DT.

  • Anonymous

    Dang Jon, I ask you the question for the Q&A and you take all the credit for this? LOL, jk! Thanks for the info!

  • miketev

    he wasn’t very good in the practices i saw him in. might be a goal-line type of RB but definitely does not have the lateral quickness to play LB. good luck to him though.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s another guy who will never be a pro but puts football ahead of his education. Does he really think a degree at Idaho will benefit him more in his career than a degree from UCLA? Just so he can start a few games over the rest of his short football career?

    He was given a chance at reaching for the gold ring, instead he gets off the merry-go-round to get on a hobby horse. How nearsighted can people be?

  • Watty

    “Toby Gerhart type player”??


  • Sid


  • I’m surprised he didn’t do it earlier. Jayson is a very talented athlete that was perhaps out of position with the stupid offense we run, but he is tough and he is fast…why would the coaches not utilize his skills?? Neuheisel will regret his transfer I guarntee it. I will be more surprise if we don’t lose at least 2 more players…Thigpen? Jefferson?

  • UCLA mom

    Bruinrob you are correct. My son told me about Jayson before the holidays and said a few more would probably leave (one was a db), one player is already looking at moving to offense.
    A note: the education thing is good but remember each kid recruited comes in thinking the are headed to the pros, we even pump them up as fans. So chase your dream as long as you can.
    Good luck Jayson You are a nice young man.

  • uclafan

    what you have to understand is Jayson Allmond is a really good player that really didnt get to show his talent because of lack of reps and when he did it would be late into practice and he would be cold and not warm. but you also have to look back at the spring he did really good at RB could have played RB but didnt get the chance. i wish him the best of luck and i pray he makes it to the NFL to show you all that he was able to make it.

  • Anonymous

    Come on up the Moscow. The Vandal family would love to see you in the Black & Gold running over our opponents. Welcome to “The University of Idaho”!