Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) True or False: As Reeves Nelson goes, so goes the UCLA Bruins. – romeojam
In a lot of ways, yes, but I think UCLA can make up for a down game in terms of production, if it can find a way to get consistent effort on the glass and on defense. That has been a problem at times, but not to the extent that most fans feel. The key is to just get him involved in the offense early, not necessarily scoring 25 points.

2) Part II: Do you think Reeves has the mental toughness and make-up to be a consistent elite college basketball player? When Reeves’ head is in the game, he’s a beast and looks the part of a lottery pick player. But when he gets down on himself (as he often does), he looks like a completely different player. Does this have to do with immaturity or something else? – romeojam
Reeves seems to have an on-and-off switch, and he is the only one who can activate it. Really, even Howland does not have that power. I think Nelson’s teammates and coaches have to understand his personality better, and adjust.

3) Thanks for all of your hard work Jon. You’ve mentioned that CRN is waiting for a few things to play out. It sounds like Harbough’s decision will ultimately lead to a domino effect amongst coaches in the NFL and College ranks. Do you see anything similar happening on the recruiting front? Any possible Stanford recruits heading to UCLA? Should UCLA go after anyone in particular? Thanks again, happy holidays. Sounds like you like BBQ, try Bludso’s in Compton. – Anonymous
I don’t see a mass exodus from Stanford, if it makes the right moves. There are some main targets who seem to be opening up their recruitment a bit, but the Wayne Lyons commitment makes it quite clear that things have changed for the Cardinal. And thanks for the kind words and the tip.

4) Coach Rick has commented he wants a DC that can run both the 4-3 and 3-4. But with all our youth at D-line, do we have anyone big enough or strong enough to handle nose tackle? – BruinTrouble
In my opinion, no. I think it’s important to find someone who can improvise, though, and someone who can make adjustments based on the time and score.

5) Can we expect any of the senior o-linemen to get Senior Bowl or East-West Shrine game invites? – Jimmy
I would’ve thought that Ryan Taylor could be a possibility, but I haven’t heard anything other than David Carter to the Shrine game.

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  • Anonymous

    Two four-star recruits switched from Stanford to USC since the weekend, so you never know if others might jump from the farm to other schools as well.