Some Hoops Tidbits from Press Conference

Ben Howland on Lazeric Jones play against USC:
“It’s two games, really, because it affected him against Washington when he hurt it. That one you understand, because he was uncertain about what took place. In this last game, he was pressing a little bit early. My whole thing is for him to understand that his affect on the team is much more than just growing points. Most kids growing up judge themselves on scoring or not scoring; point guards can’t do that in terms of evaluating themselves.
“It’s not healing any time soon here.”

Howland on Malcolm Lee:
“Malcolm always has the responsibility of guarding the other team’s best player. That immediately takes an incredible amount of energy. He didn’t have one of his better games offensively against USC. Prior to that he’d averaged 17 points over his last five or six games. I think he’ll bounce back. We’re going to see all zone this week – against Oregon State either the 1-3-1 or their 2-3 matchup – so he’s going to get open shots. He has to look plays off the dribble and penetrate.”

Howland on the comments on officiating:
“His comments about the officiating were totally in poor judgement. I admonished him for that. You cannot do that. That was really, really bad. As I explained to him, there’s only one foul that wasn’t a foul that was called on Josh.
“The other fouls were all fouls. They were all good fouls.”

Howland on Brendan Lane
“He’s got to give us better minutes. One rebound in 20 minutes….

Howland on the Bruins having scoring droughts:
“Going to Washington State, I thought our whole first half was suspect. We let the game get away from us against Washington just in those last five minutes of the first half. Mistakes become that much bigger when they come against big teams. As I look and watch our teams in the league; Washington State is really good. No question when we play Washington State, it was really to our benefit that they were on the road for about 12 days. Our league is much better than it’s being given credit for.
“In terms of our lulls, the last two games we really struggled on offense. Eighteen and 19 baskets. First half we shot 57 percent against USC and did a good job, second half, not nearly as good.”

Howland on Mac Court:
“Mac Court, my memories go all the way back to being a player there. I have great memories of Mac Court. That’s really a special venue, and in many ways, you’re sad to see it go.”

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  • BruinFaithful

    BRO is reporting that former SF 49er’s OC Mike Johnson has agreed to be UCLA’s new OC. It will be interesting to see what will happen and if CRN will have the confidence in him that he lacked in Chow. It will also be interesting to see what will happen to Chow? Will he resign, be fired, be demoted to QB coach, a lot remains to be seen.

  • Ley

    HELLO ……..NEW O.C. JUST HIRED!!!!!!!!!!

  • cv

    So is this the end of the pistol?

  • Anonymous

    bring back Dohn

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Oh, Man! I hope this is TRUE!! What a hire!! But, I don’t want to get my hopes up. . . .

    Mike Johnson, in his first partial season as an NFL OC went 6 – 7, lost 2 of the last 3, 3 of the last 5, and 4 of the last 7.

    PLEASE SAY THIS IS TRUE! After going 4-8 last season, we can look forward to 6-7 next year! Yipee!

    MONSTER HIRE! Way to go Dan G.! That’s why we luv ya! Spare no expense and get the BEST!

  • BruinGrad1972

    This might be a good hire, lets reserve judgment to we see how it plays out. Obviously we had to do something and maybe this is the shakeup we needed. I do not like hiring a coach when we already have one. Maybe CRN already informed Chow that this was coming but if not that would be a low class move.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Any hire “might be a good hire.” Oh, and any hire “might be a bad hire.” But when you hire, you make a judgment as to the BEST candidate based upon resume, skill set, references and a myriad of other factors. As to resume, Mike Johnson is a nullo. So, he must have come highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

    Jon re-tweeted it.

  • Anonymous

    Where is Jon in all this?

  • Brian Dohn

    Jon is dropping the ball and kicking it to the L.A. Times as we speak.

  • Don’t ban me boss man!

    Uh ohh! You people better stop talking about Jon in the comments section or the boss might ban you…forever! I think his message before was you shouldn’t expect quality service because this blog is free.

    But doesn’t this site make money off the ads being displayed? Hmm…

  • Anonymous


  • INawe

    Mike Johnson has extensively studied/was groomed under numerous offensive philosophies including: West Coast Offense, Pistol Offense, Air-Coryell, Spread Offense, and The Spread Option (Which again, Mike Johnson heavily endorses from the Illinois college football program).

  • Reasonable Bruin

    Jon will be posting about this shortly. Right after he uploads his latest gripping Flip-cam video from Brendan Lane or Anthony Stover.

    @UB – Wasn’t Norm the ‘MONSTER HIRE’ you allude to? Just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t make someone a bad hire. I remember – you’re the same person who scoffed when they interviewed John Harbaugh. Yeah, he really sucks doesn’t he?

  • UCLA In-Law

    Wow, I didn’t go to UCLA, but my wife did. If I didn’t know a lot of UCLA alumni who are great, smart people, I’d think their fans were all obnoxious jerks. It’s just the ones on here, I think.

    No one actually commented on the actual post. UCLA bball doesn’t get the respect it deserves on here. Ben Howland is an awesome coach whose teams have been in a lull and it’s interesting to see him work through it.

    One more thing–this is by far the best, most thoughtful UCLA blog in town. The LA Daily News is not the big dog newspaper in town (and the big dog is hurting and doesn’t even have a UCLA blog anymore the last time I checked), and their reporters often have to wear multiple hats. Cut Jon some slack.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    At Reasonable Bruin . . .

    You don;t remember sh!t. I NEVER scoffed at anything to do with Harbaugh. Just a pure fabrication on your part.

    Secondly, Norm Chow WAS a monster hire. Chow is an excellent OC. It ain’t his fault that UCLA has lacked consistent talent over the last 3 years. So, we are replacing a great OC with a no-name who has 13 games under his belt on the Pro level and went 6-7. G-R-E-A-T!