Malcolm Mea Culpa

While I stand by what I wrote following the USC game about Malcolm Lee’s offensive struggles – and he struggled again Thursday night, finishing with nine points despite seven in the first half – I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his great defense on Jared Cunningham.

Oregon State’s leading scorer at almost 15 points per game, Cunningham went 1-for-9 and didn’t score his first points until just 8:37 remained in the game. Cunningham had a little spurt in the second half where it looked like he rejuvenated, but Lee once again put the clamps on him, and he finished with five points.

Lee was very good on-ball and even off-ball on Cunningham, and his defense was a real key for UCLA to pull out what even seems like a disappointing win.

The bright side: Washington and USC both lost, to Stanford and Oregon, respectively, and everything is wide open in the Pac-10.

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  • Anonymous


  • Jim_D


    Seems like Brian D posted better info on this blog. Seemed like he’d get way better info and often posted it before the sites like Rivals/Scout.

    How come? the blog is OK but many notches down from where it was

  • bruin in MN

    Malcolm hurt us on offense last night with some bad judgment shots, 3s, early in the clock. His offensive game is generally not very “heady” it seems.
    But we desparately need his defense. What if Jared Cunningham gets his 19 pts that he averaged in 6 previous games?
    With Malcolm, you will never complain about effort. For this team, that is very big.

  • Ted

    Horrible basketball by the Bruins in the second half and 21 turnovers for the game and probably outrebounded on the offensive boards by a lot. What a lack of intensity and desire. This is embarrassing and very hard to watch. Play hard or take those JW’s off your shirts! Could Honeycutt look like he cares any less out there? The guy’s playing like he has mono or something.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Lee has always been dissapointing offensively. So bright moments, but usually frustration. However, there is no doubt that he has elevated his defensive game to the point where he should just be thought of as a lock-down defensive specialist. Spend ALL yopur energy there son and we can clamp down on the other teams’ most effective scorer and threat. The, if you have a wide open shot, in rythym, go ahead and take it! If you get an offensive board and easy put back — get some points. If you can dribble penetrate and draw contact, go for it! But no more contested threes early in the shot clock. You are not Tyler Honeycutt! Inf fact, Tyler Honeycutt is not even Tyler Honeycutt. Further, if Smith, Nelson and Honeycutt can — (a) stay out of foul trouble, and (b) stay out of brain freeze lapses, then I say, POUND THE FRIGGIN BALL DOWN LOW UNTIL THE PAINT WEARS OFF THE PAINT. The FIRST look should always be a post entry in the first part of the shotclock. Then, once the defense has to ALWAYS collapse and double team, it will open up the inside out game for a kick-out to a wide open shooter. I can sense that Howland is trying to get the boys to do this, but they lack the discipline to execute. ALSO, so many times Reeves or Smith or even Lane will have a defender sealed and the guards don’t make the pass. Why the F@ck not? After a while, big men that work so friggin hard to get a seal are going to stop working that hard if the entry pass never comes!

  • Anonymous

    All good points ub. Entry pass hesitation could be from trying to be too fine, seems like BH is trying to make them too perfect in practice.

  • bruins_united


    definitely agree with your assessment on lee. he’s been struggling all year on offense but his defense is what makes him invaluable in our rotation.

    once lee starts hitting his shots, he’ll be l33t.