Pac-10 Reprimands Smith

UCLA freshman center Joshua Smith was reprimanded by the Pac-10 for his comments regarding officiating following the Bruins’ loss to USC on Jan. 9.

“While we are appreciative of the fact that he has since apologized publicly for his remarks, all of our student-athletes must adhere to Pac-10 policy that prohibits them from making public comments about officiating,” Commissioner Larry Scott said in a release. “In these circumstances, Conference rules require a public reprimand.”

A UCLA spokesman said there would be no additional repercussions on the matter.

Here’s a video of the comments in question: Smith

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  • cliq

    ok but seriously these pop ups need to stop.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a free site so unless you’re going to pay their bills, stop complaining.

  • The Big Woof!

    I don’t know how the officials and the Pac 10 could hear and understand what Joshua said, I sure couldn’t!
    Maybe they have Spock ears.

  • cedar_23

    so why does the press ask players questions about officiating?

  • The Big Woof!

    Because the press feels its duty is to not only report the news but to provoke and stir up controversy.

  • Rip

    I’ll repeat the thought for him. BS call when Smith was called for a foul, his fourth, while lying on the ground.

  • PNW

    is a reprimand like double secret probation?

    will this go in his pac 10 employee file?

    the Pac 10 refs are the worst in the nation, hands down. the more they hear it, the better.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    The Pac 10 is right.
    Josh Smith is right.
    Ben Howland is right.

    The Pac 10 is right. If you allow players and coaches to piss and moan about the officiating, that is all they will do. Bad calls happen in every game.

    Josh Smith is right. From by viewpoint, at least two of the fouls against him at Galen Center were marginal. Especially when he falls to the ground and Vuc trips over him. Should have been a no call.

    Ben Howland is right. Smith legit had 3, maybe 4 fouls in that game.

    And the posters are right. The P10 refs are the WORST. After O’Neill “complained” to the refs about the fact that he felt UCLA was getting away with MURDER, at the beginning of the second half, the refs called UCLA for 4 fouls in 2 min and 15 sec. And none against SC. Most were ticky-tack. It wasn’t until later in the half that the refs “evened” the score on team fouls.

    That pattern repeats itself quite often in the P10. One coach chirps, and the refs go on a binge calling it the other way to show they are not partial. Then, lo and behold, by the end of the game, the team fouls even out.

    The problem with that this year for UCLA, is that the team lacks the maturity to suck it up and realize that officials SUCK. Play hard and you’ll get the “even” out effect sooner or later.

    Just watch the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half again and you’ll see the 4 quick fouls and then the dejected Bruins loafing. Grow up guys. It happens!

    And, P10, take your “public reprimand” and stick it up your Pete Carroll.

  • The Big Woof!

    I can’t believe it but I actually strongly agree with UB for perhaps the first time ever (or maybe the second time – he may have got it right once before).

  • Reformed Droog

    Add me to that list, Big Woof. I think I’ve seen two fantastic, well thought out posts from UB today.

    Some part of me wonders if VB’s cat got a hold of UB’s computer…

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Well, Big Woof and Droog, thanks for the nod. However, did you stop to consider that all of my posts have been lucid and insightful, and now, just now, you are beginning to come over to my way of thinking? Just saying!

  • Anonymous

    oops, he shouldda stopped after the first one. foot in mouth again.

  • Reformed Droog

    @UB – Reality is subjective.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    No, Droog, reality is objective. Perception is subjective. Thus the term “perceived reality.” It is not reality at all, but one’s perception.

  • grizzly

    What Larry Scott really said… “I run a monopoly and don’t really care that the officiating sucks. And please remember the “student athletes” work for me and have no rights (even if they are right) so they will stfu or else!”

  • Anonymous

    Reality is objective. Perception is subjective, but that doesn’t mean that we are unable to accurately perceive reality.

    If we couldn’t, then even your statement of objective truth — “perception is subjective” — would be only YOUR perception and therefore unreliable.