Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) If football team goes 9th place next year again, considered an improvement since 12 teams now, and team got new coaches? – holding my breath
I guess it would be an improvement, but I’m sure not the improvement that fans, coaches and admins would hope for.

2) What do you think of the Renardo Sidney fiasco? Do you think he deserves another chance or should he be kicked off? – Anonymous
I’m all for second chances, and I believe in letting Rick Stansbury make that decision, but I for one would not want him on my team. I feel bad for the kid, I think a proper sense of self-discipline was not instilled in him and perhaps that’s not his fault, but no, I would not want him.

3) Do you see Norman Powell as a Westbrook-mold? Seems like the athleticism is there – Anonymous
In terms of his game, I can see a slight comparison, but not really in terms of the point guard skills that Westbrook developed and honed. I’ll tell you, though, I had a long conversation with a UCLA admin yesterday about Westbrook, and I really didn’t realize the work he put in between freshman and sophomore year. He was in the gym every day working against college and NBA players, and apparently, Howland would call to check in, ask who was playing well, and they’d say, “Russell is the best one here.” Howland would say, “Oh, of our guys? Good, we need him,” and they’d respond, “No, the best one here, period. Better than the NBA guys.” So before you place those unreal expectations on Powell, let’s see him develop those work habits.

4) Jon, as a student involved with the athletic department, thank you for your incredible work on this blog. Now, this may be the most important question you receive this set. Friday Night Lights Season 5….best season ever? (I’m a diehard-obsessed-FNL guy.) – uclabruin11
Wow, that is an important question. I love this season, and I’m absolutely dreading when the show is over, but Season 3 was my favorite season. I loved Street that season, Riggins was awesome, tons of Buddy – who is my favorite character – and a lot of classic chill scenes. I took out the second part of your question because it had a spoiler, and I don’t want to give anything away, but regarding the plotline that you were referring to, it’s awesome. Guys, if you don’t watch this show, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

5) Nice job. Two questions: Is it harder to do what you do because the school that you cover is not winning? Do you sometimes wish you had Scott Wolf’s job instead? – – Anonymous
I think it is harder when the team is not winning because the fans are angrier, but the job doesn’t change much. The things I like and don’t like about the job, and even the things I’m good and bad at regarding the job, wouldn’t change, I don’t think. And no, I wouldn’t want Wolf’s job instead.