Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) How much karma does Howland have in reserve from the 3 final four runs? In other words, how many more seasons can Howland under-perform before he loses all job security? – UCLABZ
He still has some left in the tank, but he’s running a little low. I would be surprised if anything happened from UCLA’s end, but I would also be shocked if Dan Guerrero dropped to the floor and grabbed Howland’s legs as he walked out the door if that were the case. I’ll have more on this in about a month and a half.

2) Can you provide grades by position for bball games as well? – Anonymous
I’ll see what I can do, but it’s a little less impactful because there are so many games and so few players. It’s one thing to judge five offensive linemen, but a report card on a UCLA center would pretty much just be on Joshua Smith. I’ll try it out, though.

3) Jon if Richard starts next year, there will be no way that Hundley passes him in his senior season, right? – CV
It depends how Brehaut performs and how Hundley looks next year. I would think no.

4) Football recruiting question: if we have open scholarships on Signing Day, do you think we might see some Jared Koster commitments (surprise last second offers to/commitments from lower-tier guys) or would be more likely to save them for transfers or current walk-ons? – Anonymous
Yes, I think there would be more like Koster, and I think that’s the wise route. There are diamonds in the rough all over, you just have to find them.

5) Jon, any plans to create a mobile version of the blog? – Anonymous
We have an iPhone application that has a tab for both Inside UCLA and Inside USC, but I don’t believe it has comment functions.

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  • UCLA78

    Re #5: Yeah, of course *everyone* has an iPhone, right? No, NOT right. In fact, Blackberrys, Android-based phones, and the new Windows Phone 7 combined still hold somewhere around 3/4 of the market. I’m sick of companies and organizations haveing apps ONLY for iPhones.

    Blech. <—more of a sound than a word

  • UCLA78

    Ugh, *having* not “haveing.” [slow down, fingers, slow down.]

  • Mr. Right

    If you had been typing on an iPhone UCLA78, Steve would have corrected your spelling error for you. Just saying… just saying.

    Sent from my iPhone4.