Update on Mike Johnson

Sources close to the situation have confirmed that former San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Johnson will join the UCLA offensive staff, though his role is undetermined with offensive coordinator Norm Chow’s future still in doubt with the Bruins.

UCLA officials say that a hire has still not been made, but Johnson was on UCLA’s campus on Tuesday and took a tour of the weight room, where he met several players who said their interaction with Johnson was brief. Chow, who reportedly has had talks with Utah to become its offensive coordinator, remains on the UCLA staff and continues to recruit for head coach Rick Neuheisel.

Johnson has extensive NFL experience as a wide receivers and quarterbacks coach, and he and Neuheisel coached together for the Baltimore Ravens in 2006-07. Johnson was quarterbacks coach for the Atlanta Falcons from 2003-05, working with current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, and previously served as wide receivers coach and quarterbacks coach at Oregon State in the late 90s.

Chow, meanwhile, continues to dangle in the wind, though sources indicate a resolution could come soon.

Chow, who came to UCLA with much fanfare in 2008 but whose offenses have foundered in three straight seasons, had a two-year contract extension approved late last year, and UCLA would be on the hook for the full amount if Chow was fired.

While UCLA’s offensive staff appears to be taking shape, the Bruins remain without a defensive coordinator less than three weeks before signing day.

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  • UCLASteve

    Wow… we got major issues in our recruiting department. What is going on? This needs to be fixed ASAP. Time to dump the staff and start anew. I am tired of seeing U$C #1 even with rough sanctions and UCLA at the BOTTOM of the Pac. Take a look… even the media has no idea what Rick has been doing on the recuriting trail.


  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    You just don’t understand, UCLASteve. That is not how it works at UCLA. Dan G. has to do monetary damage control. He doesn’t want to clean house and have to pay Chow the full tilt. Rather, he wants Chow to ‘negotiate’ the best deal with Utah, which will minimize UCLA’s buyout. If he just flat out fired him, Utah would have all the bargaining chips. So, insted, Dan G. f!ckz up recruiting by leaving uncertainty, but saves a few bucks for new ladies gymnastic leotards. Thanks, Dan! Glad to know you are at the helm.

  • PV Bruin

    It is just like to invite the girlfriend to move in before divorcing wife…. shame, shame shame… RN & Dan G did this to Chow(great coach)just to save some bucks to hire a sub-par OC…great strategic thinking…

    How about taking some classic at the Anderson School?

  • Jon Gold

    I’m a horrible reporter.

  • Btownrat

    Slick Rick will always find someone to blame. Maybe less golf and more football would help. Norm will be just fine. If they demote, him someone will come get him to call plays. No one is better. But you still need the players and that is really Slick’s job and he’s failed. And if you chose to run the pistol you need to have a pistol QB. The big error in judgment was, they don’t. Utah already has a good program going, if the signed Norm and let him call the plays, they’ll be even better. He may decide to just go home and teach the grandkids how to throw the ball.

  • Coach Thom

    I agree that Coach Norm would flourish at Utah. It’s a solid program, great atmosphere, LDS-oriented, and folks there idolize Coach Norm. I don’t understand why he hasn’t bolted. Perhaps Mr. Dan fears the repercussions if Coach Norm brings the Utes to town and clobber us…like they did the last time we played them.

  • Trojan 70

    I must say this is fascinating from a USC perspective. Ricks moves, or lack of them, are a cluster f*** of epic proportions. USC has just been announced as #4 on ESPN recruiting rankings for the incoming class, UCLA is not in the top 100. Fight On!

  • BruinFaithful

    Condom 70:

    How BIG of a cluster F was it when Chetey Petey drove Norm out? Let’s see, SUC never played in BC game again. And the guy that replaced Norm is now your head coach, who has NEVER been a proven winner anywhere, but a very skilled cheater and liar EVERYWHERE. Hmmmm.

    This year’s class is not over yet. And yes, SUC’s class will be another highly rated one. Although I believe 4 is way too high. Not many top players on the board left for SUC. So, this is probably as good as their class will get.

    More concerning though, is the obvious lack of depth in the last few classes, including this one. Lots of talent at the skill positions WR’s, RB’s, and TE’s. 3 TE’s last year? REALLY? But severely lacking in the anchor and trench positions. No quality or depth at the OL’s, DT’s, LB’s or even CB’s, you’ve got that midget Robey out there getting burned all year. It’s gotten SO bad for you guys, that you’ve resorted to taking 2-3 Star recruits at those positions this year. Additionally, what are you going to do when a mediocre Barkley leaves? Also factor in that after SUCs gaming the system this year, by back loading all of these recruits into last year’s class, you will not have that luxury the next 3 years when you lose 10 scholies a year.

    Now, I know UCLA is in shambles right now. But SUC is hardly at the pinnacle. SUC was barely 8-5 this year, with a JV schedule, and could have easily been 5-8. Please save your criticism and analysis for your own program.

    CHEAT ON!!!!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Bruin Faithful at 4:58

    “Let’s see, SUC never played in BC game again”

    Uh, after Norm, SC played in the next 4 consecutive Rose Bowls (more than ucla has played in over the last 25 years), and won 3 of them (as many as ucla has won in the last 35 years).

    “what are you going to do when a mediocre Barkley leaves”

    When Barkley (who’s numbers after his true sophmore year, already compare to Aikmen’s career numbers, and who has already done more than any ucla QB in history save 5 of them) leaves, he will be replaced by one of the top 3 QB’s in the country. Both #2 (Kessler), & #3 (Wittek) are going to SC.

    But thanks for showing your vast college football knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody still want Rick as head coach. Can we fire him already? geez, what a circus

  • BruinFaithful

    I meant NC game, not BCS, and accidentally typed BC, you douche. Did you really think I would know all about your roster issues and Chetey pushing Norm out, but not know how many BCS games SUC played in? I almost reposted and corrected with NC, but figured most of the readers and posters on here were smart enough to figure it out. I forgot how many troll SUCsters were on here posting. I guess I overestimated your intelligence. So, since Norm left how many NC games have you guys play in?

    And yes, Barkley is mediocre. He has hardly lived up to the hype he had coming out of HS. He had 26 TD’s and 12 INT’s, and while 17 of those TD’s came against power houses such as Hawaii, Virginia, Minnesota, WSU, and Cal, he was practically a no show in BIG games against quality teams.


    We’re not talking about how Barkley compares against Troy Aikman more than 20 years ago. We’re not talking about hypotheticals. We’re talking about what Barkley did this year nationally and in the Pac. He was 32nd in QB rating nationwide, and 3rd in the Pac, just .3 and .5 above Nick Foles and Kevin Riley respectively. With the talent and schedule SUC had, you wouldn’t call 3rd and a hair away from 5th in the Pac mediocre?


    Are you saying Barkley is a better or will EVER be a better QB than Aikman? Your stats mean NOTHING. I also remember that Ty Detmer threw for a million yards at BYU. I also remember that Leinert won a Heisman and threw a bunch at SUC. How did either of them or the rest of the guys on the ALL time QB career yards list do in the NFL?


    So what BIG game has Barkley won? What is his signature win? Barely beating OSU last year? Please call me when he actually beats somebody or does something in the NFL.

    Who ranks Kessler and Wittek #2 and #3? Scout has them at #11 and #12. Hundley is at #3. Hundley won the QB challenge at the UA game. Are you saying either of them are better than Hundley? Those two aren’t even better than Barkley.

    Funny that your only 2 criticisms of my post are 1.) a Typo and 2.) my Opinion of Barkley. Two issues that are easily refutable and the least of your teams’ concerns. So I guess you agree with the majority and most important points of my post and instead decided to focus on the trivial points, in comparison?

    Thanks for playing.

  • Trojan 70

    Thank you Anon. We take a lot of crap on our board from your “cadre” throwing out nothing but BS. If you dish it out you should be able to take it. Bruin Faithful, you are a loser buffon. You are trying to tear down our program while yours is beyond pathetic. You must be a youngster because you call people condoms and we are SUC instead of USC. Can’t even carry on a conversation without resorting to bullshit. What big game has Barkley won? How about Ohio State at their place? What big game has UCLA won in ten years? Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Edward

    “SUC never PLAYED in BC game again” ????

  • Sandy Underpants


    USC played in the BCS championship game the year after Norm Chow got fired and put 38 points on the #1 defense in college football that year. USC went on to win the conference title for the following 5 straight years post Chow.

    How can you talk smack about USC when they own UCLA for the past 12 years, I mean it’s not even a rivalry on the field. Norm Chow’s been on both sides and UCLA has lost every game he’s been involved in, and it hasn’t even been close. And if Norm Chow is so great why did UCLA just fire him?