• BruinFaithful

    WTF is Ben doing during the games? He never knows any of the in game stats. You mean to tell me you don’t know how many points UCLA was up by with 5 minutes left etc.? Asking the press all the time for those types of details? REALLY? HTF do you do in game adjustments if you don’t know the score or the situation?

    Note to Howland, after every basket, especially during crunch time, give your ego a timeout and glance up at the scoreboard every now and then.

    This is exactly why BH teams are HORRIBLE at half time and in game adjustments. Howland is a great film analyzer and game planner. However, he is a horrible in game adjuster and rarely has a contingency plan if his game plan and strategies don’t work. His strengths are in pre game scouting and teaching fundamentals. Unfortunately, it seems like even those BH staples have gone awry. Howland’s glaring weaknesses and his eventual downfall will be his hard headed stubbornness and lack of people skills.

    I’m sorry, but everything people say about Howland’s personality is ABSOLUTELY true. I have witnessed it firsthand at several post games and even alumni and booster events over the years. His demeanor is rude, dismissive, and callous. Some of you may ask what I mean by this, so I will give you two real life examples. There is actually a video out there of a press conference BH had after a UCLA win. Somebody accidentally opened the side door mildly distracting BH and he HOWLED and SCOWLED at the perpetrator with a mean deranged look on his face, “HEY, can you close that door.” In a split second he went from being affable with the media and having a smile on his face, to rage. Words cannot describe what his face looked like when he said this. In Professor Cole’s UCLA communications class, he called this non verbal communication. In another example, I was at a booster event, waiting to take a picture with him and I didn’t realize there was a line. I thought people were just standing around, as there was no real defined line. He scowls at me, “You wanna wait in line.” C’mon man, I’m a grown ass man and a Bruin supporter. I don’t need somebody talking to me like that. Now as a grown man, I can shrug it off and move on. But imagine a fragile 18 or 19 year old? If he speaks to a grown donor like that, imagine how he talks to the players. I guess we can surmise why he has all his practices closed.

    He kind of reminds me of John Lithgow, as the deranged sociopathic preacher father in the Showtime hit series Dexter. Come to think of it, he kind of looks like him too. He would certainly be advised to read Dale Carnegie’s hit on “How to make friends, and influence people.” He could certainly benefit.

    For now, as always, we will tolerate his behavior as long as he wins, but watch out when he doesn’t. Remember, Bob Knight, Mike Leach, and Mark Mangina. When the W’s decline and L’s increase, your demeanor will be magnified.

    Unfortunately, it takes a very SPECIAL person to hold this esteemed and glorified post as UCLA BB Coach, on which very few have been able to accomplish. You are expected to do MANY things besides win. It is also how you win. There are maybe 5 coaches in the country who could even come close to that standard. For his and our sake, I truly hope BH learns to improve on his people skills. We all have the ability to learn, grow, and mature. It remains to be seen if BH can.