Weekly Answers, Pt. 7

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1) It seems that the better football defenses (USC,Stanford) have players who try to strip the football while the carrier is being tackled or struggling for more yard . I didn’t see much of-this with UCLA’s defense. Is this a coaching decision to just bring the ball carrier down or, just one of the numerous defensive deficiencies last year’s team had. It would seem to me that this defensive practice would have a large impact on the opposing team’s offense when they go for extra yards. – Anonymous
Gang tackling and stripping was practiced and put into use during games, but much of the issue was the point of attack. UCLA rarely got to the ball-carrier behind the line of scrimmage or near the line of scrimmage, where ball-carriers are running more straight up than downhill and where gang-tackling is more prevalent. When a rusher gets eight yards deep, it’s usually either one or two-on-one.

2) Honeycutt’s turnovers are as mystifying as they are numerous. For every brilliant pass, there are a half dozen plain blunders. Wooden would never have tolerated this. See Andre McCarter, Wicks, Booker. Why can’t Howland coach offensive execution? – bandg
I don’t know how much is the coaching and how much is simply Honeycutt’s decision-making. But I asked last night to the players, “Is there enough accountability after a turnover?” and they seemed to imply that there is not. I’m not saying yank a guy for a bad pass, but showboating or lack of focus is just as damaging as lack of effort. That being said, that one no-look pass he had last night? Whoa.

3) What’s more pathetic: how bad our guards are, or that we have no one better to put in? – The Blur
Compared to last season, the guard play has been fantastic. Zeke Jones was really a find for Howland, and probably saved the season so far.

4) Jon, with these rumors going around about a new OC, have you seen the twitter account of Mike Johnson (http://twitter.com/QBCOACHJOHNSON). Two tweets of interest so far:
1) Its been real #49ers but I’m taking my talents to #UCLA 1:47 PM Jan 12th via web
2) I can’t wait to put it on #USC next year so that i can call that Chilo Rachal and rub it in his face 1:56 PM Jan 13th via web – V
That is not his real account.

5) Jon which film deserves the Oscar for best picture, Social Network, Inception..or something else?? Love the blog by the way! – Anonymous
I thought both were brilliant, but Social Network was one of the best complete movies – script, casting, direction, acting, design, photography – that I’ve ever seen. I loved it. If I had a vote, Social Network would get it.

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  • cv

    Greg Robinson? Was at the game last night can anyone verify that?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Tate Forcier is leaving Michigan. Any chance he’ll come to UCLA, seems like a lock to run the pistol?

  • OC Bruin

    Yes, Greg Robinson was there and discussions are ongoing. At this time, no deal is done though.