Chow officially to Utah

The saga ends.

Former UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow has been hired for the same position at Utah, ending the long standoff after what felt like months.

Here is UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel’s official statement:

“Norm is a fine man and an outstanding coach and I have enjoyed working with him. He will do a great job at Utah.

“I thank him for his contributions to our program and wish Norm and his family well in the future.”

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  • Larry


  • Anonymous

    Norm, thanks for the memor…
    You know what, never mind.

  • Anonymous

    so was the delay in announcement mainly due to coming to terms with the buyout of NC’s contract?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Goethe? What the heck does Goethe have to do with it?

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming Goethe was a smartphone auto correction and he meant to say “for the” but he made a typo and it auto corrected to Goethe

  • Anonymous

    Translation: I am happy you are not longer apart of the team.

  • Anonymous

    With the invocation of Goethe’s name, I think Jon Gold is trying to add a bit of poetry to his writing. Way to go, Jon! Always keeping us on our toes with innovative writing. šŸ™‚

  • Trojan 70

    Well coach rick has finally thrown all the folks he can off the Titanic and now he is the captain at last. Get ready to sink to the the very bottom bruin fans. Even if he has “upgraded” his coaching staff which is of course BS, you still have to have talent. And that my cross town friends, is where you are lacking big time. Four and eight, ain’t it great. You all had so many laughts at USC’s expense, nows it is our turn. ROTFLMAO!!

  • Anonymous

    No talent? Toejam 70 go check out recruiting the last 3 years! Haha what a joke you should do some research before you post! ” No Talent”.

  • la_bruin

    He’s just trying to get away from USC’s loss to Cal. Or maybe it’s his worry over Denial-gate. Either way, there’s not much point in responding.

  • BruinFaithful

    Condom 70:

    I think your delusional. This is the worst class SUC has had in years. Average rating of 3.36 Stars, including nine 3 Star recruits and five 2 Star recruits? You are SO desperate to get Lineman and LB’s that you have resorted to taking two 2 Star JC OL’s and one 2 Star JC LB.

    Enjoy your last big class for the next 3 years.

    Oh yeah, and whatever happened to “Once a Condom, Always a Condom?” Your former beloved running back Stafon Johnson is suing you guys, because you tards can’t teach players how to properly spot somebody. Proving once again, that the only Trojans that stick together are used ones.

    Carroll used you like a used Condom and bailed, so did Reggie Bush and Joe Mcknight and on and on.

    Thanks for the Saturday evening laugh.

    CHEAT ON!!!!


    Nice touch seeing the SC-ucla hatred at work. The same infantile diatribe can be found daily on Wolf’s blog. But it really is only 4-5 knuckleheads going at it, and I bet none of them ever went to either school.

    But back to topic, aren’t the same bruin “fans” advising Chow now to not let the door hit his behind, the same fans that were crowning him the new king of bruinland at his hiring?

    As for Chow, I am happy he gets a chance to restore his marvelous football legacy back in Utah where it all began.

    Oh, and do you think ol’ Norm knows the date of the 2011 ucla-Utah game?


  • PV Bruin

    Thanks Coach Chow for trying to revive UCLA football program.

    The best of the luck at Utah. I am sure you will be able to restore your name as a great coach and retired in couple years with the recognition that you deserve.

  • cv

    Rick’s problem right now is the 2009 class is turning out to be a dud, just like the SC class of 2006. Rick now has a small class this year and next year so not much help on the way.

  • Jim Hobbs

    The UCLA debacle with chow is a mess. cris foster LA times says he was doomed prior to end of season then Dan G or some mysterious administrator renews his contract? What for failing. I know all the players and attend all the practices. Chow as arrogant, aloof, and not a good coach. Many times the plays woudl come to the huddle with the wrong formation per the play and the playbook. The UCLA QB’s had to change the play on the fly. Good riddance and 2 years ago after BYU chow and this whole staff should have faced a certain end. The players lift in the morning then run? Dumb. You lift in the late part of the day then eat and rest. No training table diet per positiona nd per player. No open competition for jobs. All Talk. Recruiting. Horrible. Pistol offense horrible. We switch to the pistol when the entire team was built around pro sets? Why not ease into the pistol instead of giving a complete abortion. Clock management horrible. Penalities horrible. Secure practice field. BS. Any major rival can rent an office on wilshire and scope all of our practices. With millions at stake why not? injuries…a total mess. Utes can have chow. A horrible coach