• Anonymous

    I’m on-board with the new hire. So far I like him. Great choice and perhaps a good fit. Besides, it’s do-or-die time for CRN. In my opinion a few “things” did surface under CNC duties as OC that made it clear that there were major issues behind-the-scenes in addition to reading into CRH comments on video about “ego’s”. Examples: The issue with KP being a starter when he was not 100% healthy or participated in camp / The issue with RB being publicly criticized by CNC in favor of KP / The issue with RC commenting on CNC lack of confidence in some of the players on Twitter (“oregon, stanford, and cal should have been easy wins ,, but shyt thys nigga norm chow dnt be trustin us ,, so it is what it is” – “I was frustrated, tired of losing,” Carroll said Saturday after UCLA’s 27-13 loss to Arizona. RC: “I wasn’t trying disrespect Norm Chow in any way. . . . He was one of the reasons I came here. I was just saying I didn’t feel like he trusted us, because we are such a young bunch. I wasn’t downgrading his coaching.”) / and my list goes on. I’m hopeful that since CRN will now be the quarterbacks coach it leads me to believe that maybe some of his outburst towards the quarterbacks caught on camera will settle-down.

    If we are fortunate enough to land Shannon, then I’m really confident that better days are near. During Shannon’s six years as UM’s defensive coordinator, his defenses ranked as follows in total defense nationally: 2001 – 6th / 2002 – 7th / 2003 – 2nd / 2004 – 28th / 2005 – 4th / 2006 – 7th (Wikipedia). With this potential new hire along with MJ, I believe CRH will be granted his full 5 years. Besides if not, the administration will not have to look far to replace him.

  • rejn

    He sounds good, but so did Rick when he was hired. Hope it works out. Really hope it does, but the doubt factor is alive and well, and it’s time to make things happen which I’m not sure how doable that is at this point.

  • Ben G

    Its amazing that members of the press can’t put their cell phone on vibrate during a press confrence. I can see this guy being a good recruiter, but he seems to smile the whole time he talks and he looks down whenever he starts a sentence. I hope he doesn’t do that in the living rooms.It seems like he has a good relationship with RN, so hopefully that translates to the offensive production.

  • Anonymous

    Great Hire…the “younger” confidence this guy brings will be HUGE in the living rooms of many! Seems like he believes in his stuff…I love this hire, and can’t wait for the DC hire.

  • BruinFaithful

    I agree Ben G. Complete lack of unprofessionalism on the part of the reporters. Do we have to take your phones at the door like children?

    I hope this guy can teach the WR’s how to run good routes, catch, and block. He eerily looks a lot like KD, freaks me out a bit.

    Anybody notice how quickly CRN jumped in and interrupted the poor cat? CRN: “And marry the two.” Already interferring and putting words in the guys mouth. I hope that wasn’t a sign of things to come. We’ll see how this sharing playcalling thing works out.

    We need this guy to go out and recruit his A$$ off. Hopefully we can lock Randy Shannon down as well.