Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Anonymous

    according to scout, l.j. rose is the only point guard ucla is currently recruiting ranging all the way to the 2014 class. do we have a legitimate shot at rose or is that just a pipe dream? also, are there any other pgs that we’re currently recruiting that just aren’t showing up on scout?

  • johncomd


    I want you to run the Pistol which I know you don’t like, call a conservative game plan which I know you don’t like, and I get to override your play calling whenever I feel like it and if it works I’ll claim all the credit, ok? Obviously, if it doesn’t work, it’ll be your fault and I’ll fire you to save my tush.

    .Jon, is that about right from your perspective? Good luck, Coach Chow, you deserved better.

  • mike REEVES

    I was in the student section during the Cal game and there was mass confusion about Crabbe getting his 5th foul. I believe the scoreboard said he had 4 fouls, so when he got his 5th, we all thought he was fouled out of the game. However, he remained in the game and then took the game tying shot. Jon, can you elaborate on his fouls?

  • Stephen Sims

    Jon, now that this era at OC has ended, is it possible that no OC could have done much more with the level of talent on the o-line and the number of injuries year after year – it seemed to me that by the 2nd half of the year there were more 2nd string than 1st string playing.

  • Headliner

    Does UCLA plan to hire two more assistant football coaches or use all the money for a defensive coordinator?

  • ucla34

    Seemed to me that Chow was limited by what he could do with the “type” of talent we had. He was very conservative at times in play calling. Do you think he should have gotten 1 more year to work with the offense and Hundley? Alos, any word on Barry Sanders Jr? Thnx for the hard work Bub.

  • ucla34

    Seemed to me that Chow was limited by what he could do with the “type” of talent we had. He was very conservative at times in play calling. Do you think he should have gotten 1 more year to work with the offense and Hundley? Alos, any word on Barry Sanders Jr? Thnx for the hard work Bub.

  • Anonymous

    Brandon Cooks was long considered a UCLA lock, then he decommitted primarily because of the offense. Will UCLA make another push for him? Any idea on who Johnson is personally recruiting?


  • Anonymous

    Since we only had 12 scholarship basketball players going into the year, was a scholarship given to one of the walk-ons for the year? Also, when Carlino left early, was his scholarship transferred to a walk-on?

  • Legalsean

    Do you think Neuheisel thinks this is his last season if he does not have a big year at UCLA? It seems with him moving to Qb coach and his comments on sharing the offense with Johnson show he is worried about his future.

  • Brock

    Hey Jon, long time reader here and #1 ucla football fan since May 12, 1986. I have been through the ups and downs of ucla football for as long as I can remember. Season ticket holder since my grandma gratuated from there way back when. Yet, I have never been to a UCLA basketball game due to the price of tickets being so unreasonable. Got any hookups for the Oregon State@UCLA basketball game coming up so I can be happy about going to at least one good UCLA game this year? Haha. Keep up the solid writing! Love the blog.

  • Anonymous

    Who do you think will be the new DC?

  • Greg

    Any word on how the shannon interview went? Do we have a chance at him or is it just a dream?

  • Saiko

    Hey Jon, Do you think now that Norm is Gone that XSF will follow him to Utah when he comes back from his LDS Mission. Or does the state of Matter more than one Coach in his Eyes??

  • Anonymous

    Outside of Datone Jones, who is going to be the leader of our defense next year?


    What are the chances of Ricky’s son getting a scholarship or will he walk-on for Ricky’s last season next year?

    Fight On!

  • Mt Hermon

    How can Neuheisel coach quarterbacks? What he be doing when the other team has the ball? Will he be coaching his quarterback on the sideline, or watching the defense on the field?

  • Anonymous

    While Hundley has declared that he is not the Savior of Westwood, do you think that title goes to Steve Manfro, a highly coveted record-setting 2-star RB? With all joking aside, how does he fit in the program? Will he ever be more than a scout team player with Franklin, Coleman, Jones, and James ahead of him?

  • Shoyu

    Who has the best work ethic on the basketball team? Is there anyone who works as hard as Westbrook or Afflalo did?

  • Anonymous

    How big of a role will Anthony Jefferson play next year? Is he 100% healthy for spring ball?

  • bandg

    Norm Chow was snide about the level of talent at Ucla. His conservatism reflected this attitude. I think he felt he was above the nitty gritty of coaching very inexperienced quarterbacks and resented the situation. True?

  • 10 long yrs

    Can we put to bet that Karl Dorrell left the program in shambles? Special teams was in good shape (look at history of kickers), and so we defense (but maybe not enough depth). So one could argue, all CRN really had to do was improve offense as a priority for overall improvement? Instead total offensive rank averaged about 100 out of 120 teams….so why was Dorrell fired again?

  • Anonymous

    is there any truth to the rumors floating around that randall carrol and morrell presley are looking to transfer? also, is there any talk of any other players looking to transfer?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jon, are you able to get any updates on how the recoveries of our many injured football players are going? Unfortunately there are too many to list, but any news would be appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    Re: Chow’s Utah announcement, was the delay in the announcement mainly due to coming to an agreement about financial terms with the buyout of NC’s contract?

  • The Blur

    When is someone going to tell Reeves Nelson not to (try to) dunk the basketball when there’s 3 taller players surrounding him? And did anyone suggest he should work on a mid-range game before trying to be a 3 pt shooter over the summer?

  • Bruin 00

    Any word on Randy Shannon? And if hired, could he provide an immediate impact during this recruiting season?


  • Anonymous

    How many recruits started school? Are we getting any transfers?

  • Anonymous

    Alright, forget about the rankings (or non-rankings) of Steven Manfro. High school rankings don’t matter as much. I get that. Lombardi winner and BCS champ Nick Fairley was a 3-star player by Scout.com for example.

    But why doesn’t Manfro have more offers? He put up stunning #’s but there has to be something that makes all the college coaches and media (scout.com, rivals.com, espn) guys shun him. They watch the same tapes and games. Why the lack of interests?

  • TK Bruin

    Right now UCLA is ranked 9th of the 10 Pac-10 schools in recruiting this year. I know CRN’s approach can lead to some big last minute commits, but realistically, where do you see UCLA finishing in the conference?

  • Rico Bruin

    Do you have any updates on Coach Howards status?
    I keep hearing contrary reports.

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • brand0n

    What is the “story” that Neuheisel is selling recruits after this disappointing season?

  • BruinBall

    How will the offense be different with Mike Johnson as OC compared with Chow the last few seasons? What were the points of difference between Rick and Norm?

  • Anonymous

    How are we going to use Thigpen next year?

  • Optimistic Bruin

    The Johnson hire and the pending Shannon hire with Neuhiesel coaching QB’s really has me excited for next season. Am I being foolish for falling into this trap again? What offense will we run? Are we going to the zone read spread option offense?

  • Tim

    Jon, earlier you stated that not having an o or d coordinator was not necessarily hurting our recruiting, no that we know our o coordinator and should Shannon come on this week, are these two names considered a positive for recruits based on their resumes?

  • rejn

    Jon – Since it seems like Howland has not been successful (struck out?) in recruiting a quality High School point guard recently, and seeing how Zeke Jones has come in and produced (beyond everyones expectation), is there any concentrated effort in looking at the JCs again this year, (ie the next couple of months) for another point guard to bring for next season (given that there’s are any potential/quality point guards that has potential like Zeke Jones)?

  • captainqtp

    Are there any recruits that may follow Randy Shannon from Miami over to UCLA?

  • Anonymous

    I think that I now understand why so many of our football players and other UCLA athletes seek medical attention outside of the UCLA health system. According to http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/ncaa-finances.htm, UCLA spends the least of all PAC10 schools on athlete healthcare. Could it be the incompetence of the training staff or injuries being misdiagnosed by the head medical guy that makes athletes families seek outside medical treatments that they have to pay with their own insurance. Do we not owe our young athletes better care? Remember it is their playing on the fields and courts of UCLA that bring in the cash to the schools coffers.

  • Anonymous

    will chow leaving pretty much mean the end of our recruiting in hawaii?

  • Tomas

    What’s the status of our injured guys? Will they all be back by Spring Ball?

  • Anonymous

    Interesting questions Jon on both the UCLA athletic healthcare issues and yes where are the updates on our injured football players and also when and if they will return, don’t the Bruin fans deserve to know the status of our injured athletes or is this information priveleged and hush, hush? Think you can explain the discrepancies in athletic healthcare and information?

  • benji

    If randy shannon gets hired in will we see some blue chip recruits coming to UCLA..?

  • clyde

    Is there enough time for the new coaches to influence recruiting?

  • rejn

    Jon – Apparently Mike Johnson has not coached on the college for awhile. Doesn’t he need to be approved/certified before he can go out recruiting? What value added is Johnson providing for the class that’s suppose to sign next week? Especially if he can’t recruit?

  • Bill West

    Jon, Can you find out how this Brehaut playing baseball thing is going to work? I mean if the kid can do it good for him, I hear he’s a great player but what does that mean for football program, he’s our best QB right now? Does his miss spring ball? does he just play Bball when he’s not doing football? What does RN and Shannon say about this? This is critical to our season, it seems we need the kid to be focused on football..

  • KarlMorgan82

    Hey Jon. I saw your response to a question last week about how you thought Forbath should have gotten the opportunity to break the FG record against USC. While it would have been great for Forbath to break the record, don’t you think that field goal opportunities and Forbath going 0-0 career against SC are dictated entirely by the circumstances of the game? I think many more people would have been frustrated had Neu not gone all out and tried to score TDs against our rival.

  • Jae

    How much does CRN’s selection of a DC weigh on recruits compared to UCLA’s stature and success (or lack of) on the field? That is to say, if we land a big name DC like Randy Shannon, does that help sway some of the defensive players out there (Heyward, Steward, and now Grimble) solely because he’s been a stud DC? Or does UCLA’s standing play a greater role in the process? Thanks for all the great work, Jon!

  • Fed Up Bruin

    Was the bus Neuheisel threw Norm Chow under a:

    a) Standard school bus
    b) Short bus
    c) A party bus filled with kegs and bottles of everclear


  • Bruin’97

    I don’t know how many times (alot) you said at the beginning of this recruiting cycle that this would be a down recruiting year simply based on lack of schollies available, but that if we got Hundley this would be a good year. Well we got Hundley, and now it sounds like you’ve changed your tune. I just read your post about losing McClure, which sounds like it’s the end of the world. We still have Hundley, right? What’s different now?

  • John with signing day only 4 days away and only 3 top prospects left in contention for us, who do you think ucla signs. Give me your best prediction to include less known named guys such as manfro and ricks kid.