Update on Randy Shannon

Earlier this morning, Scout.com’s Tracy Pierson reported that sources close to recruits have been told that Randy Shannon has been hired as UCLA’s defensive coordinator.

Shannon, the former Miami head coach, interviewed for the position on Sunday, and at that point, I was told UCLA had more interviews planned for the following week.

I’m getting conflicting answers from sources; assorted players and parents have said they’ve heard the same, but a source very close to the program says that it’s premature and that there are still more interviews to come.

I’ve tried to reach UCLA officials, but no luck yet this morning.

Will be updating as information comes in.

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  • samohopar

    Honestly, why would Shannon interview if he wasn’t interested? That leads me to believe the decision is up to Rick. And if he passes on Randy Shannon then the other guy must really be special. Either way, I like where this is heading.

  • The Big Woof!

    Randy Shannon would be an excellent hire as he has good established credentials as a d.c. and has ties to Florida and elsewhere in the southeast that could greatly improve our recruiting in that area. Isn’t there a 5 star lb from the south we’d love to have?
    Some of the other names mentioned, especially Dick Nolan, make me cringe. While Nolan was a proven d.c. at the pro level, those of us who have followed his blundering career as h.c. of the 49ers think he’s not even a good hire as dog catcher at this point.

  • cv

    RS would be an upgrade at D, now the other hire is a cr** shoot

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Game Over, Trojies. Not a single coach on SC’s O has the chops Coach Shannon has.

    Appeal On!

  • BruinFaithful

    FFFFFFFFFFFFF Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!! Please oh please lord let this be true. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!

  • rejn

    Jon – I believe your information is correct given the fact that Tracy reported that a contract still needs to be worked out. Agreed to be the next DC – probably true, but no one will offically comment on it until the contract has been worked out, I’m sure. Of course it’s premature…and I’m sure there’s still interviews scheduled, but once the contract is signed, everything changes.

  • Anonymous

    How does it feel to be scooped like an order at Baskin Robbins?

  • anonymous

    pierson didn’t say shannon HAS been hired, he said shannon WILL be hired — a crucial distinction that gold, as a professional reporter, should have been better attuned to.

    that said, pierson and BRO are usually first to break ucla news, and they are rarely wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Hey VB,
    Read the Pierson article, it says he HAS been hired! Try learning to read son.

  • BruinFaithful

    Nice Try Anon SUChead:

    “Bruin Report Online has heard a reliable report that Randy Shannon, the former head coach of the Miami Hurricanes, has agreed to be UCLA’s new defensive coordinator.”

    “A source who is close to one of UCLA’s recruits told us that a UCLA coach called the recruit last night and told him that the deal is done for Shannon, and just the contract needed to be signed.”

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I don’t give a flying f@ck who gets hired as OC, DC, WRC, STC, QBC, trainer, water boy or equipment manager, SO LONG AS the staff that is assembled are mad-dog rabid fire-in-the-belly types that can inspire our atheletes to ACHIEVE their potential. Squeez every f@cking last ounce of athleticism out of our talent. Make them mean, nasty & hungry. Underfeed them a couple days before each game. Give them CDs to listen to in their sleep that makes them beleive that the opposing team is red raw meat to be consumed. Hire a tatoo artist and station them in the locker room to tat on each player that scores or hurts a player on the opposing team. Hire a team a ‘sports therapists’ to work out their kinks as often as needed. Cheat if you have to. In essence, become like SUC. JUST WIN SOME F@CKING FOOTBALL GAMES!

  • Sandy Underpants

    I guess we know who’s replacing Neuheisel after next season now. Probably the best head coach the Bruins have had since Donahue went off the air.

  • scottyciotta

    This is awesome! UCLA is finally coming back! If you wanna know why Mike Johnson is here go youtube Hundley’s Senior highlight video. It is incredible! This kid came here to start as a Frosh and he is going to be our best QB since Aikman(sorry Cade). Johnson coached Vick in Atlanta and he is the right guy to turn Hundley loose. Hundley is a definite 1st round pick, seriously, go check out his video. I am having trouble sleeping thinking about how good next year is gonna be!

  • The Big Woof!

    Careful Sandy,
    You’re “Wet Underpants” already from being prematurely excited. Calm down and don’t be shocked if nobody replaces CRN for a while.

  • Anonymous

    So the OFFICIAL announcement from UCLA should be released by spring ball.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Neu stays, not because of incompetent administration, but because of the team’s success.


  • Keptycho

    I don’t think a coach would be telling a recruit about the Shannon hire if it weren’t true – would he?

  • BruinRogue

    If it’s true, it’s a great grab for us. Shannon’s a proven defensive guy and recruiter. It’s just that we’re going to need him too much since the offense will likely sputter with the downgrade at OC.

  • Richard

    I’m not too sure about this possible hire. On the one hand, he’s a proven DC. On the other hand, he’s a proven DC — AND a head coach — and could be up for virtually any HC job that comes up down the pike. This can only mean that UCLA is merely a temporary paycheck until other schools come sniffing around for a HC. His record was decent at Miami….

    While a great hire, it might be only a short term solution — unless he’s next in line should RN not live up to his five year plan.

  • Anonymous

    And what game would that be ucla dynasty, monopoly?

  • dtksr1

    Hey bruin fans… your coach & AD are lost, plum stupid lost in knowing what to do in turning this disaster around that is UCLA football. Your coach is so full of himself in blaming everybody & everything except himself of course. He is afraid to hire the expert coach out there like a Randy Shannon because Shannon might take his job away. If that happened, I only wish your so called AD (I’d call him nothing more than a career State administrator who shows up at work every day hiding and to collect his paychecks.