Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Jerry Neuheisel has a 5-10 record over the last two seasons. He averages an out of this world 155 yds passing and 1 passing TD per game. Jon, Will Jerry Neuheisel he end up signing w/ UCLA and take up a UCLA ride? Do you thinks it speaks volumes to the success of a program that coach would waste a golden ticket on an at best JC qb when there are far more talented QB’s out there? – ET
There’s little doubt that Neuheisel will end up at UCLA, and there’s even littler doubt that UCLA fans are handling the decision in an embarrassing and disturbing manner. Forget the fact that Rick Neuheisel is head coach currently; if he wasn’t, I would still expect Jerry Neuheisel to end up in Westwood, and the fact that there has been such vitriol thrown at an 18-year old is just…sad.

2) I get the fact that coaches job security has to be thought of when you become the OC or DC for UCLA. But couldn’t it be viewed as a good thing as well? Just like when a player signs a 1 yr contract then blows up and the following year he goes and gets paid by another team for more $$$ I’m just saying if you can turn around UCLA’s defense which wouldn’t be that hard, you can shop yourself next year and say you turned UCLA around from #95 total defense to say #45? What do you think? – EZ
Exactly, and it’s not even a question. The coaching fraternity is just as non-committal as the players’, and a big year at a school like UCLA can lead to a major coaching job.

2) according to scout, l.j. rose is the only point guard ucla is currently recruiting ranging all the way to the 2014 class. do we have a legitimate shot at rose or is that just a pipe dream? also, are there any other pgs that we’re currently recruiting that just aren’t showing up on scout? – Anonymous
Who knows about a kid three classes away? I’m sure UCLA has just a good a shot as any. The problem is, the PG class in the west is just plain bad over the next couple years. Expect Howland to use some creativity to fill the position going forward. He’ll need to.

3) Norm: I want you to run the Pistol which I know you don’t like, call a conservative game plan which I know you don’t like, and I get to override your play calling whenever I feel like it and if it works I’ll claim all the credit, ok? Obviously, if it doesn’t work, it’ll be your fault and I’ll fire you to save my tush. Jon, is that about right from your perspective? Good luck, Coach Chow, you deserved better. – Johncomd
Not quite exactly right, but probably pretty close. Where doesn’t this happen though? It’s not as if college coaches are the most earnest of people. Look, the chemistry wasn’t there, and Neuheisel thought he needed a change. Pretty simple.

4) Jon, now that this era at OC has ended, is it possible that no OC could have done much more with the level of talent on the o-line and the number of injuries year after year – it seemed to me that by the 2nd half of the year there were more 2nd string than 1st string playing. – Stephen Sims
I think that’s pretty accurate, but I also think that there could have been a bit more creativity. There just seemed to be a decision to stick with what was working…only it wasn’t working.

5) Does UCLA plan to hire two more assistant football coaches or use all the money for a defensive coordinator? – Headliner
I’ve been told yes, UCLA will have a full staff of assistants.

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  • Anonymous

    Regarding your answer to question 1. Are you serious Jon Gold? The vitriol isn’t personal. It’s just a common sense reaction to an unusual situation. Sweet mercy…stop the coddling!!!!

  • Anonymous

    And btw….you’re steadily losing any credibility even as a blogger if you think JN would earn a full ride at Westwood without CRN at the helm. This isn’t a knock on JN, just pointing out the elephant in the room.

  • And I’m just saying, it’s been way, way overboard.

  • lavsmousse

    Per UCLA athletics twitter, NCAA just granted Sean Sheller a 6th yr of eligibility.

  • Anonymous

    Such vitriol from ET’s question? I don’t get it, Jon. 18 yr old QBs putting up such numbers are dime-a-dozen. I’d welcome him to the Bruin family in a second.

    However, he does not desire a scholarship offer from a BCS school. Period. It’s not an attack on Rick or Jerry, it’s the fact. He can walk-on like Rick did and work his way up from the scout team like his dad. And from our recent history, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the field in 4 or 5 years.

  • Anonymous

    And how has the criticism on the JN situation been at all overboard!?! You should explain that situation before making an unfair indictment on Bruin fans.

  • I’m not saying he does or does not deserve a scholarship. I’m not saying he’s good or bad. All I’m saying is the anonymous commenting by a bunch of fans has been very harsh. That’s all.

  • Bruin 87

    Hey anon. Looks like Stanford and Arizona both extended scholarships to QBs who had lower recruiting ratings then JN (see Rivals). Last I checked both of these schools had better seasons then UCLA did on the gridiron. So to answer your question, yes, JN is deserving of a scholarship at UCLA even without his dad as head coach. Great reply Jon! Keep up the good work.

  • Randy Radar

    UCLA employees children receive “fee waivers”, so Coach’s kid will not take up a scholorship

  • BruinPain

    Exactly Jon, Bruin 87, and VB, I don’t know why some these posters are hating so much on young recruits. Are they so delusional to believe that our class should be filled with just 5 and 4 star recruits? And please, don’t get me started on how little I regard the rating clowns at ESPN, Rivals, or Scout. Sometimes I think they throw darts at a board blindfolded! Look at how often the NFL, NBA, and MLB screw up on their pro drafts! So enough bagging on these young kids who want to come to UCLA. I


    SMH too many anonymASS’s!

  • Anonymous

    If JN wants to play for his Dad, he may want to wait a year to find out where that may be.

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant retort bruinbeatch.