UCLA loses to Arizona, 85-74

UCLA dropped a crucial Pac-10 game to the Wildcats, falling behind by as much as 18 – its largest deficit of the season – before eventually losing 85-74.

The Bruins defense was just awful at times against Arizona, which has won five-of-six. The offense might have been worse.

Aside from Reeves Nelson’s 24 points on 10-of-12 shooting, the Bruins made just 14-of-46 shots, including just 2-of-15 3-pointers.

Arizona, meanwhile, got 22 points from Derrick Williams, 17 from Lamont Jones and 14 from Kyle Fogg, who got into the lane with ease.

I’ll post my gamer later tonight.

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  • Stan

    The last time I commented here after a lose, I was chastised for mentioning that this team plays with lack of effort. It is still an issue with the horrible defeat that we saw tonight. Defensive effort isn’t even in the building. Apparently not many fans can see that every team UCLA plays takes the ball inside, possession after possession,getting easy buckets, drawing the fouls, banging the boards. This team cannot guard the dribble and rarely gives backside help. It’s amazing to watch sometime. I know that CBH teaches hard defense, as his past teams have shown, but these players apparently can’t understand the concept. Just a few of these players get it. I understand this team is young and still somewhat inexperienced, but that is no excuse for not hustling back on defense or diving for lose balls instead of just reaching. (Honeycutt) It doesnt take talent to give 100%.

  • BruinFaithful


    Who chastized you for saying we play with a lack of effort? After which game? I’m surprised, because it’s NO secret we consistently play with a lack of effort and rarely exhibit effort and urgency.

    Just when I thought this team was slowly building. It reverts to it’s old self. Just when I thought Zeke and Lee were establishing themselves as leaders, we have no leaders. This team has NO identity. No inside presence on the defensive or offensive side. No defensive rotation. Nobody filling the paint. Just the same old Ole D.

    Oh, and Howland gets out coached AGAIN!!!! No excuses, lot’s of players on the AZ side that we passed on. Nice recruiting.

    Aside from all the above, that AZ crowd was rokking. I can’t remember the last time Pauley was like that.