Hobbi picks USC; what’s next for UCLA?

The Bruins once again lost out on a top target, as chose USC over UCLA and Arizona State earlier today.

Here is a look at some remaining targets for UCLA (using Scout.com rankings), though the situation is getting very dire.

#3 LB Tony Steward
Odds: The latest news is that the Bruins are very much in the mix for Steward, though I still believe it’s a FSU/Clemson battle. Stranger things have happened, though.

#24 DT Kevin McReynolds
Odds: McReynolds still has UCLA in his top four, but its a bit too earlier to tell which way he’s going.

#44 WR Devin Lucien
Odds: Lucien’s offer came a bit later than expected, but the Bruins are definitely in the mix for the Crespi star, if not the favorites.

I’ve been told by people close to Blair Holliday that he intends to stick with Duke, meanwhile, but the Bruins are expecting a visit from long-time USC commit Jalen Grimble this weekend.

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  • PV Bruin

    The problem is trust, I guess some of the prospects have lost faith in RN’s coaching ability…. and what’s up with the DC search? the NSD is next week and we still don’t have a DC?… and I though Dorrell was bad, my apology to the ex-coach!

    Well, at least we still have Baseball and Women’s BBL… go bruins!


    Well we all know that both RN and BH are on the hot seat (not sure i agree with BH) but when will DG feel the fire under his ass? Look i hate SUC but all cheating aside the program knows how to sell itself.It isnt just the fact that they win.Growing up i remeber UCLA being so involved with our local schools.Now i dont even know where to go to donate my money to the freaken school.Sc makes it as easy as texting a number to automatically donate 10$.I used to go to camps and tours of UCLA and meet the athletes which is how they embedded UCLA in to my heart.Now all i see is a day in TROY!Dont give me this crap about the money either.UCLA has money too. They just dont know how the hell to use it.I WANT CHANGE AS A BRUIN AND IT STARTS AT THE VERY TOP!DAN MUST GO!

  • Edward

    ESPN reports that Grimble is no longer a USC commit, and the Trojans have stopped recruiting him.

  • Anonymous

    Hey beatch, that is good info you bring. I have an idea, you can use that same info to help bring a positive influence and change to UCLA. Why not email that, just as it is if you like, to Dan G, CRN, and some UCLA admin peeps. I’m thinking that will do more good than posting it here, which I’m sure is your intention after all.

  • Bruin818

    If they can get 3 out of the group Jon listed that would be big. They have to get at least 2 from this group otherwise its just an average class. With Hundley on board its ridiculous to call the class a failure. If Hundley were not part of the class then you can start saying recruiting is on par with San Jose State.

  • cv

    What if Hundley doesn’t start for two years?

  • Anonymous

    sounds like bbeatch should take over the athletic program in westwood. where can people text to donate $10 to your campaign?

  • Edwin

    How does USC keep coming up with scholarships? Aren’t they under a limit of 15 and this is like their 26th offer. It is terrible that they are recruiting so well even though they are under sanctions for the next three years. Where is the DC?

  • Don’t worry, Rick. This, too, shall pass…..

    SUC is doing a great job recruiting. It’s like they went to market and bought up all the drinking water and can foods before the big storm hits.

  • Anonymous

    Nice incoherent rant BruinBeatch.

  • We’re getting there, Bruin818

    In a lesser developed news, on the same day we lost out on McClure and BB got killed by Arizona, we also lost Mercy Maston #76 CB to SJSU (1-12, 0-8 in WAC). We rank in the 60s according to scout.com, while SJSU is in the bottom 10.


    Does anyone have Dan’s email? AnonymASS @ 5:21pm you get the point.Right? I’m sure the Bruin Nation agrees with me for the most part.

  • tim warren

    Regarding the search for the DC, I hope CRN is not having to spend too much time and energy trying to get the campus administrators out of their endless wine-and-cheese parties so that he can negotiate DC contract dollars with them. The wine-and-cheese parties must be more important than the peak weeks of recruiting season.

  • Reformed Droog


    Believe me – I’ve sent plenty of emails. Do NOT expect a response.

    For future reference: http://www.ucla.edu > directory (it’s at the top right now) > search

  • Rich and powerful don’t care about little people of the world

    Maybe emails are screened by his staff. I doubt he has time to read all of them anyways. Wouldn’t surprise me that your emails go directly to the junk or spam folder.


    Reformed Droog-THANK YOU!Cross your fingers!

  • Devin

    How has CRN not hired a DC yet?? NSD is right around the corner……this is freaking ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Grimble is not visiting this weekend.

  • Simple math

    No wins = no recruits. Promises to do better may fill up the passion bucket, but they won’t fill up the Rose Bowl.

  • Greg

    Hobbi is USC’s new starting gaurd for 2011. He was promised the position by Kiffin, and he relayed this to Neuheisel when he let the staff know he wasn’t coming. That is tough to compete with.

  • I am not a UCLA fan but I do wonder why Bruins keep making excuses for RN. The rotten recruiting class is all about the rotten coach. USC is under sanction and has 26 commits. UCLA has 9. WTF? Lane Kiffin, the demon of college football, is outflanking RN on every front…while under sanction. It is hard to take UCLA seriously while RN is coach. No one likes RN. No one. Plus he’s clearly in fantasyland whenever he opens his mouth. I cringe when i see him speak.

    Also, I think there is some weird myth Bruins hold in their heads about UCLA football. UCLA is not a football school. Everyone seems to know this except UCLA fans.No real college football fan pays any attention to UCLA.

    In the big picture UCLA football is not about rebuilding as it is never really mattered. UCLA needs to BUILD a football program. Not rebuild it. I talk to Bruins and they seem to honestly believe UCLA matters in football, or once did. It is delusional. 1 heisman and 1 upi championship in the 1950s. This is a football legacy in what alternative universe? UCLA is an amazing sports university. Except in football.

  • Anonymous

    John Smart, that was the most SENSIBLE post I have read on JG’s blog. I absolutely agree with you on every point. Its like pointing out the elephant in the room!

  • Anonymous

    I too have been very curious about USC’s LARGE recruiting class. I did some reading.

    Since USC is on probation, JRs and SRs can transfer out without having to sit out a year. This has been working out very well for USC this recruiting season because the players that are transferring are ones that get little to no playing time. In other words, most of the transfers haven’t been key players AND every transfer has opened up a recruiting slot. 25ish recruits, but that includes the early enrollment recruits. The early enrollment recruits count towards LAST years recruiting class numbers.