Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) How big of a role will Anthony Jefferson play next year? Is he 100% healthy for spring ball? – Anonymous
Coaches rave about Jefferson’s ability, and he was starting to gain some confidence last season, so I expect Jefferson to challenge for a role in the DB rotation. He is having surgery to have screws removed and should be back in about a month, so he should be OK for spring ball.

2) Can we put to bed that Karl Dorrell left the program in shambles? Special teams was in good shape (look at history of kickers), and so we defense (but maybe not enough depth). So one could argue, all CRN really had to do was improve offense as a priority for overall improvement? Instead total offensive rank averaged about 100 out of 120 teams….so why was Dorrell fired again? – 10 long yrs
I do think Dorrell gets a bit of a bum rap, but honestly, no, the cupboard was not exactly left stacked. The defense was not in good shape. There might have been a couple good players, but that does not mean it was in good shape. And the offensive line was in horrendous shape.

3) Re: Chow’s Utah announcement, was the delay in the announcement mainly due to coming to an agreement about financial terms with the buyout of NC’s contract? – Anonymous
For the most part, it appears that way.

4) When is someone going to tell Reeves Nelson not to (try to) dunk the basketball when there’s 3 taller players surrounding him? And did anyone suggest he should work on a mid-range game before trying to be a 3 pt shooter over the summer? – The Blur
Nelson took one outside shot last night and swished it, but I agree that he should really try to limit himself to close to the basket. He has become so refined with his touch from close range – he utilizes the backboard VERY well – and regarding the dunking, well, I think that’s just his personality.

5) How many recruits started school? Are we getting any transfers? – Anonymous
Three have already enrolled – Brett Hundley, Aaron Wallace and Sam Tai – and Ryan Hoffmeister is coming soon. And yes, wideout Shaq Evans and defensive tackle Brandon Willis will be eligible next season.

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  • cv

    Hobbi to SC? wtf


    Even worse. Junior Pomee might drop florida for suc too!Seriously which LA school is on probation again?