Day Off

Today is my birthday, I’m taking the day off. See you tomorrow.

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  • VB

    Happy Birthday, Jon!

  • Luca10

    Happy birthday Jon!

  • GTBruin

    Happy Birthday, Jon!

  • kenny

    Happy birthday Jon, hope you have a great one!

  • Greg

    Have a good one!

  • The Gold Standard

    Happy Birthday
    So happy, the post shows twice!
    Don’t let the bummer you have to cover bring you down. I’m sure you don’t, as you are not here to cheer but to offer professional journalistic coverage, which you do well.
    But after your birthday let’s hope Dan Guerrero, Rick Neuheisel and Ben Howland all resign in protest of Murphy Hall Administration strangling the Athletic Dept, or, if so be the case, let’s hope they three resign in shame for having brought it all down so low. Our standards need to be higher. I don’t care about the little sports if the big sports are not even competitive.
    But as I say, don’t let the bummer you have to cover bring you down.

  • ET

    Happy Birthday, Jon!