Tone it down

Tone it down on the comments.

You know who you are, and you know what I mean.


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  • clyde

    Thank you for a reminder that never should have been necessary.I would think that anyone who had the intelligence to attend UCLA would have enough class to avoid the stupid comments.I seriously doubt that some of the idiots ever went to UCLA.

  • Hollywood Bruin


    I apologize for all the Bruin Faithful that are embarrassed by some of the posts on this board.

    Hollywood Bruin

  • DFarmer87

    Block these guys. These guys complain when you don’t update the blog enough and then they complain when you do give us updates. Ungrateful!

  • RosesAreBlue

    If you have only negative things to say about a blog…why would you read it? When I dislike a blog I don’t complain about it, I just go read a different blog. There is more than one blog covering UCLA sports.

  • Can we get rid of the Anon option? Log-ins only would solve a LOT of problems, or at least make it easier to control things.

  • Mike

    Looks like the pack does the occasional drive-by over here… Favorite recent comment from that web-site: “…if [Ben Howland] wants to maintain and (sic) shred of confidence I have left that he is the right man for this job moving forward…” And no, this was not written by Dan Guerrero.

  • spedjones

    or what, you won’t work on your birthday just 3 days before NSD or dig up ANYTHING interesting on our search for a DC? Man, I’d hate for any of that to happen. HAHA.

  • Ed

    These negative comments about our recruiting and coaching situations are not directed at Jon. And many are based on facts, not hatred toward Jon or recruits themselves. We all wish these future Bruins success but any objective person will have to admit that our football program is a mess right now.

    BTW, Jon, are you going to have more Inside UCLA Podcast with Ben Olson? It was a great listening to you and Ben talkabout UCLA sports. I wish there would be a monthly podcast. If Ben is not available, I think it’d be great to have a former Bruin to guest host with you. Hey, ATV is back on campus this winter quarter. Go pick his brain between classes. All fans here would love that.

  • LEY

    Thanks for putting your foot down John….I see that Randy Shannon will be relaxing during Nat. Signing Day, Does he have a contract with the Bruins as there DC or what????



  • cliq

    happpyyy birthdayyyy!

  • Coach Thom

    Block everybody who is not a coach. Block everybody who writhes like a snake, for they will be $C trolls. Block everybody who didn’t wish you a Happy Birthday. I know who I am. But I don’t know if you know…or if they know. Who knows??? As Coach Bob says to our O-linemen, “Block!!! Block!!!!”

  • 420bruin

    Block em all John!!

  • doug4ucla

    Bruin Fans…..I live in the midwest, of my own choosing….but do get all UCLA sports by the DISH…It is sadd to turn on your own like some people have…seeing the Bruins live is very rare for me but when I can will travel hours to do so….some people need to STOP being POOR fans when things go south….I have been a fan since 1966 took the good with the bad all those years……I used to get on here a lot but the past few years it has got ugly….Many of you can go to HOME games I can’t again of my choosing….. I have coached on all 3 levels and NO ONE wants to lose, but that is why they keep score…Remember “the sun always comes up the next day.”

  • raybru

    Happy belated birthday!

  • DFarmer87

    According to the SGV Tribune, Tuliaupupu from Claremont has committed to UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a UW fan that has enjoyed reading this blog. I just wanted to offer an outside perspective on some things-

    1) Certainly, negative posters and trolls exist on every team blog, and greatly reduce the fun for everyone. Your guys’ site here is no different in that way.

    2) That having been said, I don’t agree with Jon’s contention that the 5% of very vocal and negative Bruin fans making all the noise really stand out, and take things to another level not seen at other schools. You see the same small but extreme group at EVERY pac 10 school.

    3) I really thought that Rick N would make UCLA very successful and vice versa. He kind of did in CU and our program up here in Seattle, but I thought his love for UCLA would keep him from getting bored and screwing around. I am really surprised by the mess he had created over the last 12 months. I feel sincerely sorry for you guys.

    4) UCLA will rise again, but I think it’s going to take a coaching change after this year. The tradition and the recruiting base are just too strong to keep it down. If Guerrero makes some sort of committment to football financially and they get the right guy in there, things will return very quickly. Neither KD nor RN have been the right guy. Again, the mess that RN seems to have created from what he inherited frankly surprises me. The flipside is that his first two classes he signed are very, very good.

    5) People should cut Jon a break. I look at a lot of blogs around the conference, and he does a very good job. Throw in that he also has to cover hoopps and baseball and does a great job there…well it only makes the job he does with football all the more outstanding. He does a lot of innovative things compared other beat reporters out there. Kudos to him. I don’t even really like UCLA much. His coverage is what brings me back here every few weeks.

    6) Not to salt wounds here, but I’ve noticed the USC trolls are nowhere to be found around here of late. I think that’s a bad sign. I would take that to meant that UCLA football has sunk to a depth that it’s no longer fun for those guys to spend their day here jerking you guys around anymore.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Well, it can’t be me because Jon said, “You know who you are, and you know what I mean.” I don’t know anything, so it can’t be me! Hey VB, did you piss off Jon again, son?

  • Anonymous

    I know nothing too. Don’t know what prompt the comment.