UCLA might get big commit

A friend who works for a newspaper up north is telling me that Will Oliver, a 6-foot-8 OL from Heritage High in Brentwood (Northern California), has decided to switch his commitment from Sacramento State to UCLA and will sign an LOI on Wednesday.

There is not much information about Oliver, but I found a few videos: Check out one here

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  • Anonymous

    He is listed as a 5-10 Kicker.

  • rejn

    How much further can we fall???

  • rejn

    Jon – That wasn’t a negetive comment towards you. Thanks for your updates. I appreciate them.

  • Big Time Bruin

    So we’re competing with Sac State for recruits? Is this like in hoops our only recruit (besides the Wears) is a guy whose only other offer was San Diego State? “Not much out there” means he’s clearly not a 2-star or better. Please tell me this is the bottom – we need to move it up a few notches! And why the silence about Shannon — it’s been over a week, signing day Wednesday…could it get any worse? (don’t answer that)

  • Not much further, rejn

    We are almost at the bottom.

    1. We won the battle against Wyoming (3-9) for Manfro.
    2. We lost to San Jose St (1-12), ranked in the BOTTOM 10 in recruiting, for Mercy Maston.
    3. We flip an OL from an NCAA FCS school.

    Can’t wait until wednesday. At least Jon is right. He is a “big recruit” if he is really 6’8″

  • Big T

    Big kid finsihes his blocking runs down field picks up more blocking. Though it appears the run away from his side which is not good if your that big plus does not get down in 3 pt stance very much. This looks to be a work in progress but this kid is lean which means the weight he puts on will be muscle. We hope

  • Ed

    There are actually 2 Will Olivers. One is the kicker from N. Hollywood, CA and the other is the OT from Brentwood, CA.


  • rejn

    The kid doesn’t even have any stars next to his name. This is really bad. Even Karl Dorrell’s worst class was not this bad. Very disappointing, Coach. You’ve really let us down. I was very supportive of your hiring and even defended you during this past season. But what has happened since, well, I don’t think you ever thought it would or could get this bad. It has. Really sad…

  • Anonymous

    So many naysayers. Stars mean nothing. Awesome pickup for CRN! The next J. Ogden!

  • Reformed Droog

    Interesting. http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20110131/SPORTS/110131025/1002/SPORTS

    Makes me feel like he’s not planning on doing any recruiting between now and then…


    Jon please block comment section!

  • Maloman

    Will you guys quit crying! The more stars they have next to their name the more prema dona they are! Wait till signing day and lets see how it settles out! Are out standing Bruins of the past were not 5 star players! They were players that played with heart! Real Bruins don’t cry!

  • BruinFaithful


    Any word on whether or not Jalen Grimble visited?

    Brandon Huffman tweeted that Jalen texted him that he didn’t visit UCLA afterall and Scout no longer has him listed as a visitor as well.

    However, some other reports said that he did visit UCLA afterall.

    Looks like SUC might have pulled out all the stops. Maybe they lied and guaranteed him a spot as DE or DL.

    Can you confirm either?

  • baby bruin

    yeah stars dont mean anything?? lets look at the BCS champs since 1998……tennessee,florida state,oklahoma,miami, ohio state, lsu, usc, texas, florida, alabama, and auburn……….which one of those teams won with 5 heart players??? oh yeah none of them, they won with some baller ass freak athletes

  • BruinInSeattle

    Wish all your negative Bruins would move on…to some other team…become positive trojans if you have to, but criminy…give it a rest! nothing is ever freaking good enough. buncha tiger moms. bruins will be fine. remember, these are kids out there…human beings. wouldnt hurt to be supportive once in a while, and i dont mean once the bandwagon has started to roll.

  • Vu

    Woohoo! We finally stole a recruit away from Sac State… Good job, CRN! You make Dorrell proud.

  • Anonymous

    So positive Bruins rejoice over Manfro and Oliver’s commitments. Yet when McClure committed to Cal, these same Bruins bashed him, saying that we didn’t want him, we don’t need him, etc…

    Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Accept mediocrity and set your goals low so you can hopefully achieve them and maybe surpass them once every 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    So positive Bruins rejoice over Manfro and Oliver’s commitments. Yet when McClure committed to Cal, these same Bruins bashed him, saying that we didn’t want him, we don’t need him, etc…

    Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Accept mediocrity and set your goals low so you can hopefully achieve them and maybe surpass them once every 10 years.

    If that’s the case, why the hell fire Karl Dorrell in the first place. Dorrell’s recruiting classes were full of NR, 2-star guys that never worked out. As many of 5-star players that fizzled, there are 50x NR players who never played a down. How many Taylor Embree’s of the world do we expect to recruit to UCLA? The guy is our #2 WR. He wouldn’t be starting at any other Pac-12 schools.

  • Art

    There are a lot of guys flying under the radar. Granted this was 1972, but I went to high school with a guy who received zero offers and had settled in for the summer as a stock person at a department store in Hollywood. Long story short, player backs out of all-star game, classmate gets call to fill-in, Arizona State coaches go to game to see potential wide-receiver recruit, classmate completely shuts receiver down and gets offered instead. Who is he? Mike Haynes, First team college All-American defensive back and NFL Hall of Famer. Sometimes all a guy needs is a chance, and don’t forget you can’t coach a 17 year old to be 6’8″ 295 lbs. Hopefully he isn’t a Baby Huey though.

  • NorthCampusBruin

    A few years ago UCLA signed a 2 star athlete that no one else bothered to recruit except Sac State. His name? Russel Westbrook. Stop the incessant negativity and whining about EVERYTHING!

  • Onion Editor

    Mr. Gold,

    Quit stealing our content, or we will have to have our lawyers contact your editors.

  • Big Time Bruin

    NorthCampusBruin, great point – -but this guy apparently isn’t even a 1 star. Not that stars are the be-all, end-all, but they do give us Bruin watchers some comfort level (and I agree with the thought that many of the 4- or 5-stars can be OJ Payo-ish, full of themselves and not good additions to the fold). As it stands, Coach Neu hasn’t given us a lot of hope about next year, yet. Get a DC, and that will help, and maybe snag a few biggies on Wednesday.

    OK, let’s give Will every chance to be a student/athlete at UCLA, and I welcome him to the Bruin family! Go get ’em Will the Thrill!

    I think the main problem is Gold’s title to the article – -“big commit” – -which suggests a highly-rated athlete, perhaps a steal from ‘SC. The obvious letdown happens when you see we stole him from Sac State. If Jon had just said “OL signs” without the “big commit” (it’s not obvious he was referring to his height, and I don’t think he was poking fun at Will not being rated – -it wasn’t a facetious comment), maybe the comments wouldn’t be so sharp. Jon is good at what he does- – he’ll learn which buttons not to push, in time.

  • samohopar

    Dear Morons,

    A guy that’s no stars, or one start or two stars (depending on the site) means he was not evaluated. Look at what the stars mean. Christ you morons are dumb as hell. Florida state and Georgia have had as many great classes as anybody. Outside of one BCS win over an incompetent Hawaii team, what has either of these teams done? We already have the players, we just need the right coordinators. Boise didn’t need any five stars, neither did TCU or Utah. If we win on the field next year, all of you morons will be back on these sites saying how great Neu is. You idiots with your “insightful” comments belong with your brethren on bruinsnation, not here.

  • Todd

    Mercy Matson was a grades issue. A bunch of major programs backed off because they didn’t think he’d qualify. It’s silly to tie him into this.

  • SC for LIFE

    Samohopar- in case you haven’t noticed, you haven’t won on the field for a long time. But thanks for showing all the “morons” the light.

    I’d like to make fun of all the Bruins, but I’m actually starting to feel sorry for you guys. Slick Rick is a complete douche. Good luck next year everyone!

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  • Ronald Shimokaji

    I have problems with AD Dan Guerrero, big time problems. Instead of fostering an atmosphere of support for the department he runs, he seems to be positioning himself for a time when he can move on. Why did he hire Rick Neuheisel to take over a football program that is desperate need of a complete dismantling and rebuilding from the bottom up? How much mor abuse will Ben Howland be forced to take before he bails out? Perhaps it’s time for the boosters to force him out

  • Bruinlookout

    Speaking of LineBackers has anyone made mention of Diego Garza from Los Osos High School 6’1″ 230 lbs.
    Keep and eye on this kid, he’s from the same school as current Bruin QB Richard Brehaut


    You nay sayers will be eating crow in a big way when Will Oliver II is opening up holes and blocking like nobody’s business for our QB in a few years….. you will all be wearing his jersey and yelling his number….which is #73…… see you in the stands!

  • šŸ™‚ nice

  • Anonymous

    No. NOW you’re at the bottom.

  • dtksr1

    I hope Jim Mora does turn the attitude around for this program and then show some success on the field. The only drawback would be this would save Guerrero who has put this program were it is today.

  • dtksr1

    A UCLA administrator tries to block TJ Simers from asking Jim Mora some pointed questions. Does the administration really believe they can fool the public by putting a buffer around Mora at press conferences and games?

  • stunt1030

    Really mammabruin? Ucla and …uh…sac state have out smarted everyone in the country on this guy. It’s gonna get better for you but please don’t think that convincing a guy from going to sac state to westwood is a steal. Just send him a postcard of westwood and a farm and ask him where would he rather live. Hey samohopar, everyone is evaluated you moron. The question is was he worth rating.

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