Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • VAbruin

    Hey Jon,

    As we go into National Signing Day, it’s hard to believe that we don’t have a defensive coordinator announced. Is it possible that we’ve hired one and just haven’t announced it? (Fauria made a tweet leaking Randy Shannon’s name a number of days ago) Or have we not hired anyone and are going to try to attract defensive recruits who’ll have no idea what kind of coordinator/system they’ll play for?

  • Greg

    Nbadraft.net has honeycutt in the lottery this year, draftexpress has him in the lottery next year. Chances he stays?

  • Doug


    Happy Birthday……hope it was fun. It was rumored that Jalen Grimble was going to visit this weekend, and then did not. Any word on what happened and why he didn’t visit? Also, Tony Steward……….any word of late on him. Signing those two, along with Hundley and the others already on campus would actually be a big lift and change the class completely.

  • Anonymous

    Whats up with Junior Pomee? I read he was only considering Utah and USC.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, My apologies if this has been asked previously, but … Do you think Chow’s move to Utah will impact XSF’s return when he mission ends? If I recall correctly, Chow was instrumental in closing the deal on XSF and Hasiak, and the possibility exists that XSF could simply start fresh elsewhere. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    is there any truth to the rumors floating around that randall carrol and morrell presley are looking to transfer? also, is there any talk of any other players looking to transfer?

  • BIgworm

    As a die hard Bruin fan since 1996, I am amazed and embarrassed by the amount of vitriol that has taken over Bruin blogs, message boards, and comment sections like the one found on your blog. Some of it is to be expected – the internet bring out yahoos who love the fact that they can post anonymously with no repercussions. Plus, the fact that the Bruins are having tough times in football and basketball doesn’t help. That said: 1) do you feel that the venom has gotten worse in the last few months? 2) Have you (or the Daily News) ever thought about shutting down the comments on the blog completely? It might hurt hits, but if you have good content from good sources it won’t matter much. 3) If random, angry internet message board poster guy was put in charge of the UCLA football and basketball programs, how many coaches do you think we would go through in the first year between the two programs? I say 15 – one for every loss between the two programs next year.

  • Legalsean

    Why is taking so long to get a DC in place? Do you think this has hurt recruiting?

  • Anonymous


    I’ve been a Bruin fan since 1973. I know a lot of Bruin fans. I have yet to run in to folks as negative as appear on the forums and blogs. Could it be there’s only a handful of such negative folks and they come off sounding like they are thousands? Or, are there really thousands and I just haven’t run into them?

  • Anonymous

    will chow leaving pretty much mean the end of our recruiting in hawaii?

  • Jae

    How much does CRN’s selection of a DC weigh on recruits compared to UCLA’s stature and success (or lack of) on the field? That is to say, if we land a big name DC like Shannon, does that help sway some of the defensive players out there (McReynolds, Steward, and now Grimble) solely because he’s been a stud DC? Or does UCLA’s performance on the field play a greater role in the process? Thanks for all the great work and hope you had a great birthday, Jon!

  • Kristen

    Hey Jon: I’m getting fed up with the negative comments about our young Men’s Basketball team–especially those made after wins. Can you guys screen the comments before approving them for public viewing? Thanks. Kristen

  • UCLA3

    Any chance we have a silent commit(s) out there? Do you know of any?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, what will be the biggest recruiting surprise (e.g positive or negative) for both USC and UCLA? As a USC fan I will be surprised if they don’t improve the O-line and for UCLA my guess will probably be any decommitments from the current list.

  • Anonymous

    hey jon love the blog 1st off secondly do we have any guys looking to transfer out? Whats up with RS and our DC saga? Finally any word on the possible return of Nik Abele? wasnt he working with a specialist to reduce the swelling or fuse the disk keeping him out?

  • Russ

    The announcement of the remainder of the football staff do you believe it will be Wednesday or no later than the end of THIS WEEK..!!??? Now while I’m young..!

  • Dan

    Let’s assume for a second that CRN is let go next year… do you think the coaching mess going on right now has made UCLA a less desirable destination for potential head coaches?

  • Anonymous

    How will the renovation of the Rose Bowl affect season ticket holders?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Hope you got to get in a lil’ Sunday Funday for your b-day and thanks as always for your work as a lifeblood for UCLA sports info. A few questions.

    1. What other names have been bandied about for DC besides Randy Shannon? With the final recruiting push on, will RN put off signing a DC until after Signing Day?

    2. How would you describe the offense that Mike Johnson runs? From what little I can gather, it appears to be a pro-style concept with a bit of west coast…and perhaps now a sprinkling of the Pistol.

    3. Given the few big recruiting names left, at what point to you pocket some scholarships and expend them next year in what may be a more promising recruiting class?

  • Anonymous

    I have a probation question… How the heck is USC pulling 26 recruits when they are on probation? It doesnt seem the sanctions effect anything other than bowl games

  • footy fan

    Hello Jon,
    As NCAA signing day approaches how does our mens soccer team look going forward? I know you are very busy but if you could get an update on them or maybe do a full piece it would be greatly appreciated. Specifically what is the future for GoalKeepers? I know we have had something like 7 of last 8 GKs go pro at some level, who are the lucky kids that will fill those cleats in the future?
    Thanks for your hard work

  • clyde

    Hope you had a happy birthday.Do you think that UCLA is holding back some scholarships because they have a lot of underclassmen and want to have more available next season ?

  • Anonymous

    Do you know what is the status of the injured players? Will they all be back by Spring ball?

  • Jungleland

    How can Brehaut being given permission by Neuheisel to play baseball NOT mean that Hundley will be the presumed starting QB? Neuheisel’s primary criticism of Brehaut, in the past, has been that he needs to learn the playbook better. One would think that Brehaut would be doing nothing but learning the playbook, watching film and particpating in 7-on-7 drills. Now he’s playing baseball?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Friday night light questions me and my gf watched season 1-4 in a month love the show. Now were watching. S5 if you were coach taylor would you leave east dillion for the job and why isn’t Luke getting any offers???

  • Ed

    Jon, are you and Ben Olson going to host more Inside UCLA Podcasts? Any chance it becomes a monthly event? It would be great to have other former Bruins as guest hosts, too. ATV, MJD, Don MacLean, Bill Walton, Kareem etc…I think it’s a great way to keep former UCLA athletes invoved with the school. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    jon, am i a complete idiot for holding out a glimmer of hope that shannon appearance on espn tomorrow is going to include his suprise announcement that he’s signing a contract with ucla and bringing tony steward with him?

  • BruinInSeattle

    Jon — What do you think about this article from the LA Times about Howland’s recent troubles with recruiting, written by Ben Bloch (http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-0202-ucla-basketball-20110202,0,2126985.story)? Pretty interesting. Seems its been a real learning curve for Howland appears the program was impacted quite negatively by the departure of Keating. Silver lining, though, might be that Howland learns he needs a high scoring offense just as much as he needs a tenacious defense. Thing I like about Howland is he learns, he evolves. These past couple seasons might be what ultimately gets him over the hump. Afterall, Coach didn’t start winning until he employed the full court press as advocated by one of his assistants. Maybe he just needs the right offensively minded (and recruit recognizing) assistant coach. By the way, does Howland have an assistant for Bigs? He should.

  • Anonymous

    In terms of Neuheisel’s longevity, next year may be a make or break season. If that is the case, then he must have a successful season next year to stay on board. And if he has successful season next year, that helps with recruiting the following year. Assuming all of that, then this one recruiting class isn’t as detrimental as some make it seem. At the very worst we get solid backups and scout players. At the best we get a program changing QB. What I’m saying is that everyone who is committing e-suicide over this one recruiting class needs to step off the ledge. Agree? Disagree? Why?

  • lasportsfan(noSC!!)

    Jon, I have been hearing alot about the sc violations. I’ve herd that the restrictions dont start till next year for recruiting, and i have herd that they already started..whats the deal? thanks

  • Darin

    Is there any chance Howland goes after Larry Drew II? He’d have to sit out next year, but that would give them a PG for 2012-13 which they currently don’t have. Seems logical especially since he’s from the area, though I know his dad is in Atlanta.