Just a head’s up

Hey guys,

Just a reminder to follow me on Twitter and Facebook during the next few days, if interested. I post more often there than on this so you can stay up to date easier.

Twitter: @thecoolsub
Facebook: Inside UCLA page

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  • The Big Woof!

    The Big Woof! and maybe lots of others? do not do facebook or twitter – please keep the blog as active as possible.
    Also, I have tried several times without success and with different monikers etc. to get an official sign-in but Moveable Type and my computer don’t get along. An E-mail is never sent back to me to continue. It may be because I use Firefox and not I.E. but that shouldn’t be a problem.
    If you have to resort to only sign-ins due to the comments that cross the line, that will shut me out.

  • Larry

    Agree with Big Woof! 100% – on everything said.