Signing Day Extra: Jacob Brendel

Name: Jacob Brendel
Position: Center
Rank: 8(S) / 15(R) / 46(E, as an OG)
Positional Need: 7/10
Outlook: Brendel was among UCLA’s first verbal commitments, and he has appeared unwavering since early July.

When I talked to Brendel after his commitment, he was extremely candid and very intelligent, and quite frankly, I was blown away by his mental framework. The kid just seemed to get it.

I’ve seen some video on him, and what stands out is his footwork and drive – he seems to get out of his stance quickly, even from the shotgun position – and his aggressiveness. In the video I link to on his ESPN profile (see below), there is one play early in the film where he just smashes the crap out of a guy 15 yards deep. That can’t be taught.

Immediate Impact: 3/10 – With Kai Maiava returning from a leg injury and Greg Capella seemingly entrenched as the backup, Brendel will likely redshirt, but could develop into an important scout player early.

Overall Impact: 7/10 – Needs to develop physically, but could become a valuable piece.

Notable Quotables:
“In the back of my mind, I know that college football is a business, and I realize that the only reason colleges have sports is to bring in money,” Brendel said. “That’s part of the reason why they’re trying to recruit the best players, sure. But to me, I didn’t look for how impressive the school is or how amazing they used to be. It was about how well I could bond with the coaches and the students who are already there. I’m that type of person. That’s what set my mind on UCLA.” – Brendel, July 2010


ESPN Video