UCLA lands McReynolds

Washington D.C. DT Kevin McReynolds has just announced that he will play for UCLA next season, giving the Bruins at least one major target on signing day. Defensive tackle is always a position of need, and McReynolds is a great prospect. More on him later.

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  • H8T SuC

    awesome news … still not happy with the news of Seto being the DC

  • skinnypup

    no more ex-sc coaches that sc doesn’t want. Seto didn’t have a great defense in 2009 based on the talent they had to work with and he isn’t a great recruiter like Shannon. Rick wussed out and didn’t want to hire someone who could take his job.

  • john

    Here is some great stuff from the WA POST on this kid…seems like a great guy! http://voices.washingtonpost.com/recruitinginsider/2011/02/national_signing_day_2011_st_j.html

  • Anonymous

    Read a great story on this probable hiring on another site and he looks like an outstanding choice to me. Apparently, Pete Carroll is very unhappy with it because UCLA is getting such an outstanding coach. He is said to bring more intensity to practice and have more energy than Carroll. Anything that pisses off Pete Carroll must be good. I just don’t trust the fact he went to USC and has such close ties to them. There is so much hate for UCLA. Can a guy like that do an honest job.

  • Coach Thom

    Another good player at a position of need.

  • Hadenough

    Hey, at least one player likes to play for Seto. What a joke. UCLA just saved me $400 in season tickets. It’s better than Geico.

  • BruinRogue

    Good to get McReynolds but I would’ve preferred Shannon over Seto. I thought Shannon’s experience and recruiting abilities would finally give us something Bullough couldn’t. Could price have been a factor, I wonder.

  • SC for LIFE

    Congrats UCLA on two things:

    1- You guys just moved from 65 to 62 on the recruiting rankings.

    2- Enjoy our “hand me downs.” Seto’s a great guy, but DC? What a joke.

    Just a reminder of who OWNS THIS TOWN! Anyone in the mood for an 8 clap? Booohhhhhaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaahhhaaaaaaa!

  • Anonymous

    We didn’t hire Randy Shannon because we would have had to buy out his Miami contract, making him MUCH more expensive. Had nothing to do with the rest of the coaching staff.

  • Good to get McReynolds but I would’ve preferred Shannon over Seto. I thought Shannon’s experience and recruiting