Latest on DC search: It ain’t over

It has now been 49 days that UCLA has been without a defensive coordinator, and with the looks of things, there might not be a resolution any time soon.

The latest news send the Bruins right back to square one, as they have broken off talks with Rocky Seto, according to sources. How far those talks went appears to be up for debate, as I have heard it is essentially semantics: Rick Neuheisel was reported to have “offered” the job, but sources tell me the offer was never concrete and that Seto’s text message response in the Daily Trojan that he had accepted the job was not only premature, but helped lead to his withdrawal of consideration.

This is only the latest snag in what has been a complex situation.

I’ve been told the Bruins have interviewed roughly 10 coaches, but even before the interview process began, there was tumult.

UCLA fans clamored for Vic Fangio, then Dwayne Walker and Rocky Long and Chuck Heater and Teryl Austin. Fangio quickly left for the NFL along with head coach Jim Harbaugh, Long was promoted to San Diego State head coach when Brady Hoke jumped to Michigan, and Heater and Austin also got new jobs and were never truly considered candidates.

Neuheisel is being said to be considering candidates he has already interviewed and possibly interviewing more candidates, in what continues to be a long saga. The one public name still out there is Randy Shannon, the former Miami head coach who turned up on ESPN’s signing day coverage, to the chagrin of fans who expected him to be introduced that day.

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