• Anonymous

    Dont do steroids kids!

  • Anonymous

    uhhhh….What? I don’t know if I understand this. If a joke, then I don’t get it. If it’s not a joke……well then I still don’t get it.

    Should we be awaiting his symposium on spousal abuse anytime soon?

  • Ed

    Shouldn’t Sheen be in rehab? Did Milton Bradley talk to the team about anger management or how to con a MLB team to give you $30mil contract?

  • PowderKegBlue

    That’s kind of misleading post by TMZ. The “standing ovation” was due to the fact that all the guys were standing around the diamond when he walked up. His “talk” was almost, but not quite, 10 seconds long. TMZ posted the video later:


  • SC for LIFE

    I heard he also mentioned prostitution and strippers should not be allowed in the clubhouse as well.