Neuheisel/Mastro conference call

How’s your tan?
Neuheisel: “Wasn’t there long enough to get a tan. Wife set up party for me so I had to go.”

Opening statement:
Neuheisel: “We’re excited to announce the addition of Jim Mastro to our staff. Jim will coach tight ends and F-backs and will be a real asset to run game bringing expertise garnered over the years with Nevada. … I’m very appreciative that Chris Ault was amenable to me talking to Jim. With Mike Johnson working on the throw game and Jim helping in the run dept, we’re going to put together and offense we’re all going to be excited about.”

On defensive coordinator search:
Neuheisel: “I’m still working through it. I have a list of candidates, I’ve talked to all of them, and I’ve let most of them know that I’m going to make a decision by this weekend. I’m trying hard to be done. I want to be thorough because I have to be right. I understand the scrutiny and the perception. At the end of the day, none of that matters. What matters is we play well next year.”

Neuheisel on Todd Howard:
“I just felt like we needed to make a change. I also wanted whoever is the new coordinator to have the opportunity to help with another staff member (hire).”

Neuheisel on sticking with the pistol:
“We’re going to use a lot of the stuff within the Pistol that has been successful. But it will be a portion of our offense, not be all, end all. Jim and I have talked about that. We need to use
what he knows about formations so we can get to what we need, and then get to put that all together with the throw game. His ability to use all his experiences and all his knowledge of how to get that done via formationing will be hugely beneficial.”

Mastro on what he sees out of UCLA:
“I’ve looked at all the tape. They’re on the right page. The Pistol is a process, and the thing appealing is they already have the foundation laid. I’ve made all the mistakes you can make in this offense. I’m talking from experience. I think its a plus to have more knowledge on how its supposed to work. I like the team, I like the talent, I like the offense. I look forward to making that better.”

Mastro on leaving Nevada:
“It’s time. There’s really nothing left for me to do there. When I walked into (Coach Ault’s) office it was a nervous time. Ricky asked for permisson to talk, and when I went in to tell coach I was taking the job, he stood up and said, ‘You take this job. You have to go. You can’t pass this opportunity up.”

Mastro on Mike Johnson:
“I heard a lot of things. I did my homework on this. Heard nothing but outstanding things about him. Football is all about knowledge. Once you think you know it all, you’re done.”

Neuheisel on Howard:
“I just think that as you get on and you’re trying to make changes, defensive phlisophy, there’s just a time to make subtle changes. I have great respect for Todd, I think he’s a great guy to be around. This is not as much dissatisfaction as a breath of fresh air.”

Neuheisel on how long the Howard firing has been discussed, now that Howard has already been hired by Washington State.
“Todd and I talked about this in December. I just wanted him to know that as I was looking for a new coordinator, that maybe he be ready to make the next move. One thing I admire about Todd is there’s never any. Extremely professional, worked diligently through recruiting. I think he’ll be a great addition to the Cougar staff.”

Neuheisel on the DC search having more than two names left:
“Won’t divulge any names, but the answer to how many is yes. I wouldn’t rule out one more interview.”

Neuheisel on the frustration of the delay:
“Oh yeah, no question. I’ve had the guy picked three times now. Circumstances have led to continue. It’s a complicated deal, but once again it doesn’t matter how long it takes, but what the results are.”

Neuheisel on the Rocky Seto situation:
“I was clear with my version of what happened with Rocky. I asked him for his commitment if I decided to go forward, I wanted to make sure he was ready, and before it reached regents approval which was necessary, other factors came to light that made it probably not the right time. I don’t want to divulge (those factors). I have to be wary of everything. It just became not the right time. For obvious reasons, I can’t divulge all that.”

Neuheisel on Randy Shannon:
“I talked to randy and am impressed with Randy.”

Neuheisel on the future of Tim Hundley and Clark Lea:
“Those conversations will be had at the appropriate tiem, but my sense is yes, they’re safe.”

Neuheisel on what made Howard different:
“I felt where we were at the time it was time to consider a change. I didn’t make the ultimate decision at the time, but I wanted him to be wary and have an opportunity to take care of himself. (It was) a combination of things. It was just something I felt was the appropriate conversation to have.”

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  • Mike

    Whoa, Simmadown Mastro. I don’t know if Rick likes to be called “Ricky”.

    Good luck with the offense! Now, to his steakhouse!

  • cv

    Ricky? He is 50 years old

  • Sunset Bruin

    As Steely Dan once sang so many years ago, Ricky don’t lose that number, you don’t have to call nobody else…

  • BruinFaithful

    I really like this Mastro hire, for many reasons. But he can also be a huge help in recruiting. CRN, Johnson, and Mastro should be some recruiting tandem. Let’s just hope they can be a successful coaching tandem.

    Nice Rick, blaming Cabo on the Wifey. I guess, since he’s in the throwing under the bus mood.

  • I like that the F-backs will have their own coach (even if its shared duty with the TE’s). Hopefully Mastro will have some more innovative ideas for the F-backs besides “down and out”.
    Thigpen’s speed has been wasted so far. There are others with similar unique talents in that same boat.


    Off topic…. St. Johns beat #8 today, that is sure to help our Bruins!

  • fumi346

    Considering we were outscored approximately 308 to 155 in league play, I guess “Ricky” can take his time hiring a DC.

  • Bob

    Ricky has this so under control. Plan on ten wins this season. We are going to be so good we won’t need a D-coordinator this year.

  • Anonymous

    You fire the DL coach that has produced Brian Price and others.

    You hire one guy to coach the passing game, another to coach the running game.

    Does anybody else see a pattern repeating itself here???

  • Seems like a great hire…I agree with the other guy should have been made last year (Norm prob would have protested)…but wtf, glad to have Coach Mastro on board. RB coach of the year and recruiting coordinator in SoCal for the pack…not too shabby. Rick is doing an awesome job and working his arse off for all us Bruins…thanks Rick! Here are some of Coach Mastros/Wolf Pack relevant stats from last year

    12-1 and WAC Co-Champions
    3rd Nationally – Total Offense (535 YPG)
    3rd Nationally – Rushing Offense (305 YPG)
    7th Nationally – Scoring Offense (42.7 PPG)
    11th Nationally – Fewest Sacks Allowed (0.85 / game)
    Only 3 fumbles lost by running backs in 13 games