UCLA gets visit from Anthony Thompson, Canadian DB

A source close to UCLA indicated that the Bruins got a visit from Anthony Thompson of the Vanier Cheetas in Montreal this weekend, and there is a chance he could sign soon.

I don’t know much about him, but he looks to be a good-sized cornerback with pretty good speed, although who knows the competition level in Canada?

Here’s some video on him, but I can’t find much else out there:

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  • Anonymous

    nice looks pretty good

  • Anonymous

    Yes, everyone knows football is the No. 1 sport in Canada. Who else is recruiting him, the University of Montreal?

  • Coach Thom

    Apparently U$C has been very high on him for the past 2 years, but he doesn’t want to go there, so they’ve stopped recruiting him…for the moment.

  • Jdog

    Great find Neu, keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon, nice lyrics on the music video. Thanks for including this on the blog. Hopefully my kids won’t click on this one.

  • black manta

    i brought this up a few days ago lololol

    here is the article again…

    nthony Thompson will evolve over the UCLA Bruins next season.

    Landed in Los Angeles on Thursday night, the star cornerback of Vanier Cheetahs was offered a scholarship. “Since I began playing football, I always wanted to evolve in the NCAA,” said Thompson. It’s a dream come true and I’m really proud. ”

    Thompson has experienced ups and downs in recent weeks. He had to wait before getting the green light by the Clearing House and American Bearcarts Cincinnati dangled him a visit before changing his mind.

    “I’m relieved, he has expressed. Despite all the twists and turns, I always believed in my chances of getting a scholarship. Over the years, there have been several players who have signed Vanier in the NCAA, but I’m the first to go to UCLA. I’m really happy. ”

    “I could have signed with Akron, but they had no stock for January to pursue Thompson. I find myself in a much better situation. Everything happens for a reason. ”

    Thompson eager to return to Montreal to share his happiness with his mother. “As soon as I confirmed that I’d have my purse, I contacted my mother,” he said. I will sign the documents with him when I return. Everything should be completed by Tuesday. ”

    Unlike many Quebecers who are not dressed in their first season in the NCAA, Thompson expects to see action. “I’ll be on the ground,” he assured. We want to use me as a cornerback and as a nickel (fifth defensive back) in a position to pass. ”

    Only downside, Thompson will not evolve further with his buddy Matthew Norzil. “It’s the only downside, he said. Matthew is still a little confused about where he will play next year. ”

    The Cheetahs star receiver hesitates between the Red and Gold of the University Laval with Montreal. He dismissed the Dinos in Calgary where he was offered a visit. He will visit both Quebec programs very soon with his mother before making his choice.

    Norzill is very happy for her boyfriend. “I’m really happy for Anthony, he said. That something big has just acomplir. ”

    February 12, 2011 11:11 PM

  • BruinRogue

    They play some good football in Canada, eh?

    On a serious note, I can think of a few NFL players from Canada. FS Oshiomogho Atogwe, SB MVP QB Mark Rypien, etc. It’d be interesting how Thompson fares in the NCAA. Has good measurables, if true. Any 6’0+ DB running a sub-4.5 is almost guaranteed an NFL roster spot if he has even a smidge of cover ability.

  • Anonymous

    “On a serious note, I can think of a few NFL players from Canada. FS Oshiomogho Atogwe, SB MVP QB Mark Rypien, etc.”

    Rypien was from Spokane. That’s in Washington. About 90 miles from WSU, his alma mater.

    Interesting pick up. I guess RN can recruit in french.


    Kid plays with attitude, huh?!!

  • Anonymous

    Canadians are eh’holes

  • Coach Thom

    Lord…the anonymous posters on this board are brain-dead $UC eh’holes. Go back to weareu$c and live the glories of your infamous past by B-essing about how great everything is in Troyville and how wonderful it will be the next 5-10 years…after the sanctions truly take their bite. Canada produces some fine athletes, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Thompson can add to the mix this season.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, Anthony Thompson has a boyfriend named Matthew Norzill? Whoa Whoa….maybe thats why no one else wanted him. That or google translate fails.

  • Mario DiLeo

    These anonymous posters assume UCLA offers scholarships to every HS football player in North America…at least the Bruins don’t go after 13-year-old sandlotters…

  • Ed

    Clarification please!

    Is Vanier Cheetas a high school or junior college?
    How many years of eligibility would he have left?
    What is American Bearcarts Cincinnati?

    “getting the green light by the Clearing House and American Bearcarts Cincinnati dangled him a visit.”

  • Reformed Droog
  • Anonymous

    He looks really good and, if it is true that USC really wanted him, he probably is. But I’m assuming this is some sort of Canadian junior college and I feel like I’m looking at Pop Warner football level on the video. Still, you can’t fake a 4.45 forty.

  • Reformed Droog

    @Anonymous 11:17AM

    Maybe those are Canadian seconds?

  • tomn3

    MarioDiLeo got it right. So far the Bruins aren’t going after junior high school freshmen. Of course we have to worry about whether or not they can handle UCLA academically.

  • James Cee

    Great news. This ranks right up there with the de-commitments from Sacramento State and Wazzu.

  • Circling the Drain

    So that loud, persistent sucking sound you keep hearing? Yea, that would be us.

  • the weasel

    if he’s good enough for Akron, he’s good nuf for ucla.

  • It seem Anthony Thompson is a really good player that plays with an attitude, I like that! BUT I am very confused! I read something about “my purse” and “my boyfriend” and the one being quoted is Matthew Norzil…Hey I don’t care about his sexual preference, all I care about is that he can cover receivers like a blanket and hit like an angry ghetto mother, and return them kickoffs and run like a purse snatcher from South Central…that’s all I care about…nevertheless, I still am thoroughly confused by this article posted by “Black Manta”.

  • Jay G

    He isn’t gay.. its a mistake with the google translate from french to english.. anyway, thompson is a beast.. and no Vanier is Not a Junior College, i know because i live in Montreal. So he has all his years of eligibility left..

    im 15 years old, i trained with him a couple times, he’s the real deal.

  • Anonymous

    haha kind of stupid… anthony thompson has a boyfriend… Matt Norzil was the top prospect in Canada as he holds a lot of records but he doesnt wanna play in the NCAA he wants to stay in canada and if thompson woulda stayed in canada, they woulda played together… Vanier College is a Cegep, it is like a prep school cause in canada they have 2-3 years between high school and college but only have 5 years in high school… because school starts in march at ucla, he has all his eligible years in front of him… thompson is english but speaks french too so dont be afraid of his “french” y’all redneck haters! This guy cn only help yout team so stop hating the kis u dont even know yet… im sure this kid can be a force eventually and you will all be glad he became a bruin

    i think this post answer pretty much of your questions

  • Debbie

    Go Anthony!!!!!!!!!
    From Debbie and Kyle and Julie!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    you guys would be absolutly shocked with the competition level of Cegep… Vanier would probably beat teams like Mater Dei and De La Salle

  • Tka

    The person who wrote the article wAs French and didn’t translate properly…mathew norzil is his best friend . They played football for years but he committed to Laval University