Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Tennis Fan

    Hey Jon, I appreciate all the good work you put in and your FNL appreciation! I was wondering how this year’s tennis team is looking? I know they had a huge win over baylor and one of our freshmen was Pac-10 player of the week. Is it common for a freshmen to start for UCLA? I would appreciate it if you could incorporate Tennis into your rotation of basketball, football, and baseball occasionally.

  • The Blur

    Is everyone else as excited abut Stover as I am? This guy’s an animal.

  • Anonymous

    Is it weird that Todd Howard was hired by Washington State 5 mins after he was dismissed by Neuheisel (in February) while Chuck Bullough (relieved since December) had his resume posted on car windshields outside of Senior Bowl (different agents)?
    What prompted CRN to suddenly terminate CTH? Does CRN already have a DC in negotiation who wants a different DL coach or was he displeased with CTH in some particular recent development such as recruiting?

  • Jeff


    Has Coach Howland run over and kissed you yet? Looks like we are on the verge of getting to 22/23 wins, which he apparently thought was impossible in December.

  • chris knight

    Is ucla recruiting former Depaul commit Braeden Anderson?

  • Anonymous

    Bullough was hired by the Cleveland Browns a week ago.

  • Semi-Pro

    Do you think the basketball team’s success makes it more likely that players like Honeycutt and Lee will leave for the NBA early? Or are their decisions completely independent of the performance of the team?

  • Ed

    By allowing Chow and Howard to look for jobs before firing them, whom did they recruit for in that “lame duck” period? UCLA, Utah, WSU??? It couldn’t have been favorable to UCLA when they were just going through the motions of recruiting. Do you think recruits sensed some lack of passion and fled elsewhere?

  • GOAL

    How does the future for mens soccer look? Last year was on par for expectations, but what are the expectations moving forward? Also the recruiting class looked surprisingly small especially since two of the recruits were GK’s. Any word on which of the Goalies looks to be the man for the future?
    thanks, go bruins!

  • scholastic advisor

    What are the bball players’ majors?

  • l.a. steve

    While large public university athletic contributors want wins they are often conservative in nature. What has been the consensus of this group towards the firing of Norm Chow and what is the perception of the head coach and his hiring moves and decisions?

  • who is this corner UCLA is bringing in? there is a news item at a french canadian website. after translating from the french…

    Anthony Thompson will evolve over the UCLA Bruins next season.

    Landed in Los Angeles on Thursday night, the star cornerback of Vanier Cheetahs was offered a scholarship. “Since I began playing football, I always wanted to evolve in the NCAA,” said Thompson. It’s a dream come true and I’m really proud. ”

    Thompson has experienced ups and downs in recent weeks. He had to wait before getting the green light by the Clearing House and American Bearcarts Cincinnati dangled him a visit before changing his mind.

    “I’m relieved, he has expressed. Despite all the twists and turns, I always believed in my chances of getting a scholarship. Over the years, there have been several players who have signed Vanier in the NCAA, but I’m the first to go to UCLA. I’m really happy. ”

    “I could have signed with Akron, but they had no stock for January to pursue Thompson. I find myself in a much better situation. Everything happens for a reason. ”

    Thompson eager to return to Montreal to share his happiness with his mother. “As soon as I confirmed that I’d have my purse, I contacted my mother,” he said. I will sign the documents with him when I return. Everything should be completed by Tuesday. ”

    Unlike many Quebecers who are not dressed in their first season in the NCAA, Thompson expects to see action. “I’ll be on the ground,” he assured. We want to use me as a cornerback and as a nickel (fifth defensive back) in a position to pass. ”

    Only downside, Thompson will not evolve further with his buddy Matthew Norzil. “It’s the only downside, he said. Matthew is still a little confused about where he will play next year. ”

    The Cheetahs star receiver hesitates between the Red and Gold of the University Laval with Montreal. He dismissed the Dinos in Calgary where he was offered a visit. He will visit both Quebec programs very soon with his mother before making his choice.

    Norzill is very happy for her boyfriend. “I’m really happy for Anthony, he said. That something big has just acomplir. ”


  • Bruin1970

    Stover is a blocking machine and bullish on rebounding. There seems to be no effort by the other players to feed him the ball on offense. Who coaches the big men and why hasn’t there been one or two plays designed to get Stover involved in the offense?
    Maybe Jerime Andersen should whisper (shout) in his ear — you can dunk just like Josh.

  • Anonymous

    How can UCLA not nail down a place to play basketball when Pauley is under remodeling? Have you seen the construction plans for the new Pauley? Do they show elevators and escalators for the people going down to the floor level? There are just too many stairs to go down there.

  • Steve

    The baseball season starts in the next week or two, right? I know you have your basketball and football priorities (and you do a great job with them) so where can I go for coverage of the baseball team? I really enjoyed watching them in Omaha last year and want to be able to follow them every game this year with all the information possible. Who does a good job with that and where can I read them? Are there any twitters I can follow or anything at all? Baseball coverage seems hard to come by.

  • Spencer

    Any update (or changes) in UCLA recruiting a PG for 2011 or 2012? Any substance to the Chris Anderson rumors?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think this will be Neuheisel’s last season if he does not win 8 games or more? How many games does he realistically HAVE to win to keep his job beyond 2011?


    Is Norman Powell pg from SD already a lock as a Bruin or can he change his mind?

  • Anonymous

    What is up with the Pop Ups on your blog? I have my pop up blocker on, but a few slip through the cracks.

  • Anonymous

    Are we still recruiting for football 2011 class? If so, what are our needs and who is still available that we’re looking at?

  • Anonymous

    My son will be in the 2015 class and is dead set on playing for UCLA. He has the skill and 3.9 GPA. What is the earliest someone can sign a LOI in their high school career?

  • The Voice of Reason

    Brian was going to check into this but left before he could get to it: What is the gold medallion on the floor at Pauley? Its between the mens and womens three point lines on the UCLA bench side only. I don’t believe its a cover for power. You can see it in this picture: http://cdn2.sbnation.com/photo_images/1308807/44682_Wooden_100th_Basketball.jpg Thanks!

  • Tustin Dave

    This season, Jerime Anderson has become a very solid player. How many times have you seen a BBall player take this long to develop? It isn’t uncommon for FB players to take several years. Can you find out what he changed in his regime to finally develop?

  • Tim

    Jon: It appears that there are only two or three dominate teams nationally in basketball this year. How is the Pac 10 viewed overall in regards to other leagues and is it strong enough to get in 3-4 teams in to the tournament this current year?

  • 909Bruin

    Jon, are the kids on the defensive side of the ball frustrated that they dont have a DC yet?? thanks

  • Bruin951

    When the basektball team is off (today Monday 2/14 for instance) do they still watch film, or are they completely off? Also when does the team usually head out for the Thursday road PAC 10 games?

  • Anonymous

    The interview with Jason Allmond says he is transferring because there will be no Fullback position but I have seen a few posts on BRO that there will be a FB position in the new offense. In fact, I saw something that Todd Golper could be moving to offense to play this position Have you heard anything about this?

  • Rumor has it, we are recruiting this guy, Pierre Jackson.
    What can you tell us about him?? Anything to substantiate it?? Time to start investigating, Jon…Thanks!!


  • Tim

    Jon: Do you feel that having the Wear brothers to practice against is helping Josh Smith and Anthony Stover? How do you see them working into the team next season, will they be starters or coming off the bench?

  • MilwaukeeBruin

    Hey Jon,

    Any chance UCLA gets J.P. Tokoto class of 2012 out of Wisconsin (UCLA made the “cut” to his top 8)? All the media reports here are pumping the Badgers and Marquette.

  • FedUp Bruin

    Who do the players want to be the next Head Coach of UCLA football? Is there somebody internally they think will be great, or do they want to go outside the mess that’s currently in place? Yes, I’m assuming that Neuheisel is going to be fired since he doesn’t even think he needs to have a Defensive Coordinator. Also, do you think the players will feel responsible for Neuheisel’s demise, or will they be thrilled to get a new coach? Personally, I want Eric Bienemy. We’re never going to pay for a football coach like other schools do, so why not bring in a guy who can win recruiting battles against SC for inner city guys, and then hope talent keeps us afloat?


  • Mt Hermon

    What will be the starting pitching rotation for the baseball team?

  • Resource Guy

    I’m not sure if anyone ever asked, but who was the silent commit you had written about? Also, what is up with Steve Bono’s son possibly walking on at UCLA? Is he someone we should be excited about? Finally, is Crissman healthy?

  • Reformed Droog

    What is leg?