Neuheisel introduces Tresey

Here is what Rick Neuheisel had to say when introducing new UCLA defensive coordinator Joe Tresey:

“Obviously after a long and exhaustive search, I have settled on who I think will be a great leader for our defense, a guy that has proven that he can lead top-flight defenses in each of the last three seasons, minus this last one where he was in the UFL for some extenuating circumstances, but a guy that I believe has got the energy, got the vision and got the package to take us where we need to go defensively, and I’m excited to name Joe Tresey the next defensive coordinator for UCLA.

I met Joe early on in the process. I was very impressed with his package, his defense, how he would install it. He’s very organized, very attentive to detail. I believe that he exhibited the kind of passion that you look for in a coach and a leader.

He exhibited a kind of passion for kids – as he was looking at film he was naming the kids by their first names and this was four-year old tape that we were watching. This guy has relationships. He likes what does, he likes young people. He’s got a great belief in the system that he’ll teach and coach and also the numbers back him up.

There were some great candidates out there. There were some guys that were very bright and certainly had my attention, but at the end of the day I think this is the right choice for UCLA, it’s the right choice for the kids that are on our defense currently and I think Tim Hundley and Clark Lea will work really well with Joe and I’m excited about now putting the last piece of the defensive puzzle by getting a defensive line coach to go along with these guys. It’s a thrill to name Joe Tresey the next defensive coordinator at UCLA.”

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  • BruininPHX

    Oh no, Rick… Don’t say that.. “I was very impressed with his package,”… LOL!!

  • Bob

    LOL!!! … “how he would install it”… LOL… okay, but on a more serious note, I hope this new guy brings in an aggressive attacking style defense unlike his predecessor whose defense was so predictable and ineffective…my apologies to the current defensive players, and Ayers and Moore ofcourse.