Tresey takes helm of UCLA defense

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel announced the hiring of defensive coordinator Joe Tresey on Tuesday afternoon, bringing to a close what he called a “long and exhaustive” search.
Beginning with the firing of former defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough, who has since been hired by the Cleveland Browns as a defensive assistant, the 59-day ordeal was full of near-misses and increasing fan angst.

Ultimately, Neuheisel circled back to a candidate whom he interviewed early in the process and continued to keep abreast of the situation, despite public interest in Vic Fangio, Rocky Long and Randy Shannon and the eventual would-be hire of former USC assistant Rocky Seto.

In comes Tresey, who coached defensive backs for the United Football League’s Omaha Nighthawks in 2010, after stints as defensive coordinator at South Florida and Cincinnati.

“I met Joe early on in the process,” Neuheisel said. “I was very impressed with his package, his defense, how he would install it. He’s very organized, very attentive to detail. I believe that he exhibited the kind of passion that you look for in a coach and a leader. … He’s got a great belief in the system that he’ll teach and coach and also the numbers back him up.”

Tresey’s South Florida defense in 2009 ranked 24th nationally in total defense at 321.8 yards per game and tied for 19th in scoring defense, using an aggressive base 4-3 defensive package. Neuheisel stressed through the process that he wanted a coach who could be flexible with his gameplan, and Tresey said that his defense is pliable, dictated by game and health situations.

In 2008 at Cincinnati, Tresey’s Bearcats finished 31st nationally total defense (321.9) and 25th in scoring defense (20.1 points per game), after finishing 50th in total defense (368.2) and 13th in scoring defense (18.77) in 2007, when the team led the country in turnovers and interceptions.

“You have to understand their strengths, accentuate their strengths and diminish their weaknesses,” Tresey said. “If the question is, ‘Are you a pressure guy, what are you?’ I think you evolve with your players. …At the end of the day it’s about pursuit, it’s about tackling, it’s about staying on your feet, it’s about meeting and defeating blocks. You know, it’s about when they hit the green, man, they’re going 100 miles an hour and they’re playing their rear ends off for 60 minutes.”

Such issues as tackling and consistency plagued the Bruins in Bullough’s two season as defensive coordinator, after he took over for now-New Mexico St. head coach DeWayne Walker in 2009. The Bruins ranked 94th in total defense (420.1) and 86th in scoring defense (30.3) last year as the team stumbled to a 4-8 record. In 2009, led by a veteran corps that included standout defensive tackle Brian Price and cornerback Alterraun Verner, UCLA finished 32nd in total defense (334) and 27th in scoring defense (21.2).

Neuheisel went through a painstaking process to find Bullough’s replacement, even going through a very public ordeal with Seto, who claimed he received an offer only to have it rescinded. All along, Neuheiel preached patience, knowing full well that after his second 4-8 season in three years since taking over at his alma mater, the microscope loomed large.
The on-again, off-again interest did not dissuade Tresey, though, who monitored the process even as it approached its third month.

“Patience was important,” Trecey said, “but at the same time it was great that Rick communicated like he did. If he just would have cut me off and I never would have heard from him again, and then all of a sudden he called, we might not be having this conversation. He was very honest in the whole process and did a great job of communicating with me.”

Now the two will set out to solidify the rest of the staff, which is missing a defensive line coach after the firing of Todd Howard last week. Neuheisel said defensive backs coach Tim Hundley could move to defensive line coach, but that the staff would determine the course of action when Tresey arrived on today.

“I want Joe to get here, I want him to sit down with Tim and (linebackers coach Clark Lea) and we’ll figure out what is the best combination,” Neuheisel said. “In our conversation last night when I talked to him about going forward he was amenable to a lot of different ways and obviously I know he’s excited about the chance.”

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  • BruinFaithful

    That’s great, so Neu interviewed him early on in the process, yet he decided to barely hire him now? After offering the job to Seto? That means this guy was what, the 6th or 7th option? Yeah GREAT hire!!!!

  • BruinAZ

    I think Neu may have been scared to hire someone like Shannon that would be a good option as a HC if the Bruins have a poor season next year. Yet I am all for a great up and comer if this is what Tresey will be.

    Realistically though, this is probably all that the admin (Guerrero) would pay for….that’s probably what made Neu’s decision for him.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Not necessarily, BruinFaithful. Sometimes during the recruiting process you interview a candidate in week one, but wait until you have seen the other possible candidates. Then you make your decision based upon the whole. Now, obviously, Seto was ‘hired’ so Tresey was at least 2nd choice, but perhaps not 6 or 7. and maybe he was 2nd because CRN tho’t Seto would be a better recruiter in the SoCal market. Then CRN had 2nd tho’ts and decided to bag Seto.

    Anyway, Tresey is OUR GUY! Welcome Joe. May you teach our young talented guys to be mean nasty and to take someone’s head off!

  • Anonymous

    BruinFaithful, remember that slick Pete was the 6th or 7th choice over at the dark side

  • Anonymously

    Tresey inherited Wally Burnham’s top notch defensive players at South Florida and did a good job with them. Give the guy a break.

  • BruinFaithful


    Yeah, but that’s reaching. SUC was summarily lucky in catching Chetey, a coach who had no previous indication that he would be as successful as he was. Plus, Chetey had a LOT of help, which was extremely nefarious in nature. He had a COMPLETE disregard for the rules.

    There is NO indication that we will be as lucky with this guy. I hope I’m wrong, but Rick HIMSELF said he wanted a 3-4 guy, so he hires another 4-3 guy who was reportedly let go by Kelly at Cincy, because he didn’t run a 3-4? HUH? Yeah, that makes sense.

  • BruinFaithful


    Not the 6th or 7th choice, really? Well, let’s see.

    1.) Vic Fangio
    2.) Rocky long
    3.) Bill Young
    4.) Randy Shannon
    5.) Chuck Heater
    6.) Teryl Austin
    7.) Rocky Seto
    8.) Steve Brown
    9.) Joe Tresey

    Does that list look about right? I actually might have missed a few names in there somewhere, ahead of Tresey. Yeah you’re right, I was wrong. It’s worse than 6th or 7th.

  • Trojan 70

    Folks: This guys was in the arena football league last year…this is a case of your administration not stepping up and paying top $ for a quality guy. Good luck šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Bruin Faithful – you’re an idiot. Do you think businesses hire the first candidate they interview? Even McDonalds where you work interviewed several people:

    1) Billy
    2) Sheila
    3) Pedro
    4) Billy (another one)
    5) Teddy
    6) Sharon
    7) Bruin Faithful

  • BruinFaithful

    Condom 70:

    You back again? Did you and Carmen Trut finally get your boys out of jail? A guy named Carmen who wears a skirt, fitting.

    Looks like your boys Kiff and Ogre caught some more cases from Tennessee. Good luck when that Death Penalty finally hits.

    BTW, you care to elaborate on your previous post of how our AD Dept is in shambles? Let’s see:

    Men’s BB: 2nd in the Pac-10 18-7, whooped the Condoms and will make the NCAA Tourney

    Women’s BB: 2nd in the Pac-10 21-2 9th Ranking

    Baseball: 1st Ranking

    Women’s SB: 1st Ranking

    M Golf: 1st Ranking

    W Golf: 4th Ranking

    Gymnastics: 9th Ranking

    M. Tennis: 6th Ranking

    W. Tennis: 7th Ranking

    M. Volleyball: 5th Ranking

    W. Volleyball: 9th Final Ranking

    M Water Polo: 4th Final Ranking

    W Water Polo: 3rd Ranking

    M Soccer: 5th NCAA Tourney Finish

    W Soccer: 9th NCA Tourney Finish

    That’s what I thought. That’s almost every single major sports ranked in the Top 10. Of course you Condoms wouldn’t know that. Your too busy yapping about that GREAT 8-5 finish and 4th place finish in the Pac this year. Wow, how things have chaged.

    Last year a SUC friend of mine told me that if SUC ever finishes 7-6, he would cut his left nut off. I said really? So how many nuts you have left after the Hackett and Robinson years? HAHAHAHA!!!! The razor must have been on the sink this year. He better sharpen it for next year.

  • BruinFaithful


    If you truly believe what you wrote, you are either a moron, or ignorant. Why don’t you go do your homework before you yap?

    The names I listed are names CRN wanted and went after but couldn’t get. Quite different than interviewing a buch of candidates and picking the best one. Typically companies will interview a multitude of candidates and hire the best one.

    Put your glasses on, look at that list, and tell me Tresey was the best candidate from that list. RETARD!!!!

  • spedjones

    LOL at Bruin Faithful. Fangio and Long got opportunities they couldn’t pass up. Shannon apparently has baggage large enough to keep him from the job. The only guy on there really considered other than Shannon was Seto, and that offer was apparently pulled a day later. Get a grip.

  • BruinFaithful


    Spin it how you want to. My point is and was, Tresey was NOT our first choice, nor second, nor third, and on and on. That is indisputable. End of story.

    The guy is doesn’t even run a 3-4 scheme, which CRN had said was a determining factor. He is an aggressive 4-3 guy. I hope the guy works out, but we certainly could have done better and this whole process has been one big cluster F.

    BTW, please don’t spew unsubstantiated garbage about Shannon? What baggage? Some texts, please.

  • Anonymous

    The Baltimore sun reported that Randy Shannon turned down the DC position at Maryland because he would lose a 1.5 million dollar buyout from Miami. this is probably the reason he wasn’t offered the DC position at UCLA. the school probably did want a backloaded contract like Chow.

  • Anonymous

    sorry. I meant that UCLA did not want a back loaded contract like Chow’s.

  • bbruin

    Tresey is not last on that list BF. He has more DC experience than Austin, Heater, Seto. Brown was probably backing up Tresey. Also Shannon did have some baggage and some contractual issues. RS runs a very basic 4-3 as well. Tresey at least has some flexibility and coached some good defenses. He was fired by Kelly for some snafu over interviewing for the Miami DC job in 2008 is what I read. It is not as simple as the 4-3/3-4 thing. Also I have never heard that RN wanted to fully convert to a 3-4. I am not sure we have the personel for that just yet.

    In a perfect world we would have had Fangio. Long I guess was in the picture earlier too, but after that it seems like it was pretty even.

  • Bob

    @ bruin faithful:
    you are right in saying Tresey was not our first, second, or third choice… as Neuheisel himself said he chose a guy three times but circumstances led to a non-hire. So he may have been a 4th choice or later but this doesn’t make it a bad hire.
    BUT, you are definitely wrong in saying Neuheisel wanted a 3-4 guy. He NEVER said that. If you can prove me wrong do so. I do remember him saying he wanted someone who was not so stuck in a base 4-3 defense that he was inflexible to using other packages when circumstances dictated given available bodies/talent.
    Also, you are wrong in including Young…Neuheisel never interviewed Bill Young…the coach wouldn’t allow him to speak to Young. In any case, because of Long’s, Fangio’s, Heater’s, & Austin’s unavailability & ofcourese Seto’s screwup, only Shannon, Brown, Tresey, and maybe a couple others were in the available pool of consideration. Tresey was the BEST option available in RN’s eyes. We all don’t know how Tresey will turn out but his credentials and hire don’t deserve being disparaged when he hasn’t even had a chance to prove his worth…
    My personal OPINION is he will be fine…RN’s a$$ is on the line and if he goes down, he’s (at the very least)saying he’ll go down swinging with Mike Johnson, Mastro, Tresey, etc…

  • Anonymous

    Bruin ‘faithful’… maybe your name should really be bruinfaithLESS. Quit your incessant whining, it’s gotten really annoying. Yes, the hiring process took a lot longer than it should have, but at the end of the day, we got an AGGRESSIVE, SOLID DC who led highly ranked defenses at both USF and Cincinnati. Shannon was offered by UM but chose not to accept yet b/c he was waiting for the offer from Neuheisel which never came. So according to your ‘list’, Tresey is at least #4. Can’t do anything about other DCs getting promoted to the NFL/HC positions.

    And get your facts straight, Tresey was let go at USF after Leavitt was fired and Skip Holtz decided to bring in his own coordinators late last January, after any decent position in the NFL/NCAA ranks were already filled. And he left ND b/c Brian Kelly was pissed that Tresey interviewed for the Miami DC job without his approval.

    Below are the FACTS which are missing from your incessant whine. Now quit your baby-whining or just jump off the bandwagon… we won’t miss you either way:

    Tresey Resume:

    14+ years coaching at various college levels, 3 years DC at Div. I level, and 5 years DC at lower college levels, too.

    In 2009, South Florida ranked 24th nationally in total defense (321.8 yards) and 19th (tied) in scoring defense (19.8 points) while compiling a record of 8-5. The Bulls forced 23 turnovers that season.

    Tresey spent two seasons (2007-08) as defensive coordinator at Cincinnati under current Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly. In 2007, he authored a Bearcat defense that led the nation in turnovers gained (42) and interceptions (26). A pair of Bearcat defenders earned All-America honors and two others were selected in the 2008 NFL Draft. UC finished 13th nationally in scoring defense (18.8) and 19th in rush defense (114.2) and put five of 11 defensive starters on the All-Big East team.

    In 2008, Cincinnati ranked 31st nationally in total defense (321.9 yards), 19th in rushing defense (115.0) and 25th in scoring defense (20.1 points).

  • BruinFaithful


    Kelly let Tresey go because he wouldn’t switch to a 3-4, then he accepted the Miami job under Shannon, who then recinded the offer because Tresey insisted on coaching DB’s, which Shannon didn’t want. Does this sound like a guy who is willing to be flexible? Sounds more like an stubborn insubordinate to me. Think about? Why didn’t ANYBODY pick him up last year?

  • BruinFaithful


    You stand corrected.

    from LA Times:

    But Bullough “believes in the 4-3 [defense],” and Neuheisel said that he would like to see the Bruins incorporate a 3-4 look, with three linemen and four linebackers.

    “Chuck is not the expert in that department,” Neuheisel said.

    I never said he interviewed Bill Young. I know he didn’t. But he definitely wanted him over Tresey. Take that list and mix it around anyway you like, Tresey will be near the bottom of it in every version.

    I don’t know why I even respond to some of you, since it is OBVIOUS most of you don’t have anywhere near the knowledge I do on the topic.

    Neuheisel said himself he was looking for an experienced 3-4 guy. He just fired Bullough because he didn’t want to and couldn’t run the 3-4. So WHY hire another guy who was fired by Kelly, for refusing to run a 3-4? Does that make F’n sense?

    This whole process has been one BIG embarrassing cluster F. Austin and Heater where both VERY available and higher than Tresey on that list. The reason why we ended up with Tresey is because of CRN’s indecision. By the time he could figure out WTF he wanted, they weren’t available. One by one, they came off the board. You need to be quick and decisive, and have a contingency plan. CRN didn’t, even offering one guy and then rescinding the offer once the public opinion was against it. This indecision also affected our recruiting class significantly.

    I’m not saying I hope this guy doesn’t work out? Never said that. I am a faithful Bruin Alum and Fan and will root for my Bruins NO MATTER what the circumstance or score. I BLEED BLUE and GOLD. But the administration time and time again has run this program into the ground. I DO NOT trust this Admin to make the right decisions. They have proven to not be trustworthy. They have breached our faith. Look at the decisions of the last 10 years and tell me I am wrong? Stop making excuses and start holding people accountable. Public opinion is VERY powerful, Egypt overthrew a President and we prevented a Condom from being hired in less than 24 hours. Change is possible, but there must be accountability and unity. This whole process has been embarrassing and borne from incompetence.

  • Bob

    @ bruinfaithful
    No YOU stand corrected…because you do not understand what Neuheisel was saying. Neuheisel never said he wanted a 3-4 defense…where is the quote?…Neuheisel wanted the defense to have different look and not always stay in a 4-3. Why don’t you play back the entire presser from this blog? Also, you can ask Jon and he’d said you’re definitely are dead wrong as well. Why don’t you ask yourself, if he truly wanted a 3-4 guy, why interview Shannon who plays a conservative 4-3? It doesn’t making any sense to you does it…because something is obviously not getting thru your thick skull.

    Also, saying he want Young over Tresey is all conjecture…he didn’t even interview him…how would he know if he’d be better than Tresey?

  • Bob

    let me help you out a little bruinfaithful…
    the proof is in the pudding…
    Does Neuheisel really want a 3-4 guy as you claim or does he simply want a guy with the ability to throw different looks out there and not be married to the 4-3 as Bullough was.
    So here’s the list of DC candidate and the defenses they run:
    1 Long 3-3-5
    2 Fangio 3-4
    3 Heater 4-3 (not married to it)
    4 Austin 4-3 (“”)
    5 Tresey 4-3 (“”)
    6 Brown 4-3 (“”)
    7 Shannon 4-3(“”)
    I don’t know how else I could spell it out clearer for you…since you obviously don’t know how to read quotes.

  • Bob

    @bruinfaithful: take some notes. You should add this to all the knowledge you claim you have on Bruin football.

    Press Conference w/ Jon 12/18/10 part1 archives:

    On the decision to fire Bullough:
    “I just felt – and certainly Chuck as organized as he is had counterarguments – I thought we needed to have a couple of alternative schemes that might be able to keep us as a more consistent defense. He’s a 4-3 guy, believes in a 4-3. It was certainly beneficial, in my opinion, to try to keep same system in place that DeWayne had. I thought we did some really good things, but at end of day we weren’t consistent enough in stopping the run. I thought some of the players we have might fit in alternate schemes. In my opinion, Chuck was not the guy to be an expert in that department.”

    class dismissed.

  • Trojan 70

    This is too funny BruinJackAss – your own people fillet you like a steak at Home Town buffet, which is where you probably go for a big night on the town. Hope your woman’s badminton team does well this year…ROTFLMAO

  • BruinFaithful

    Condom 70:

    I actually wondered why you spent so much time on a Bruin Blog, so I went to go visit Wolfie’s Blog and noticed how badly you got punked over there. Now I know why.

  • Trojan 70

    BruinJackAss: Actually, I spend little time on either blog but I love reading about your other Bruin buddies pack it up your keister. Way to funny, hey 4 and 8 ain’t it great!! Arena Football League, that is funny.

  • BruinFaithful


    I’m glad you were so concerned, that you spent the night googling defensive schemes and trolling Jon’s archives.

    Maybe you should have been up looking for a job instead, since your unemployment benefits will be running out soon. Maybe you can’t find a job because you can’t F’n read.

    I provided the quote for you from the LA Times and your blind eyes still don’t get it. One last time for the handicap.

    ‘But Bullough “believes in the 4-3 [defense],” and Neuheisel said that he would like to see the Bruins incorporate a 3-4 look, with three linemen and four linebackers.

    “Chuck is not the expert in that department,” Neuheisel said.’

    Now Special Olympics, did you read the F’n part that says ‘and Neuheisel said that he would “like to see the Bruins incorporate a 3-4 look (did you get it this time?), with three linemen and four linebackers.”

    Here is the link to the LA Times story, AGAIN, for your own personal enjoyment, since you have so much time on your hands.

    I don’t know why the word 3 and 4 are SO hard for you to understand, since it was a major point of Neuheisel’s conference and was picked up by every major Bruin Blog and Sport Site out there. You may note, there was no other defense he mentioned as a point of emphasis.

    Also, of note, is another point I made and substantiated, which you also missed. The fact that Kelly canned Tresey at Cincy, because Kelly insisted he run the 3-4 and HE REFUSED. Here is the link to the OC Register story.

    Now, I ask you, on your little list of defensive schemes, which is short sighted at best, is there a single other DC who was canned because they refused their bosses request to run the 3-4 or any other scheme?

    In closing, my points are as follows.

    1.) We hired a DC who was most likely our last choice if not near the bottom. (If you are intelligent, deductive reasoning would dictate that the reason he was the ONLY DC on the list I provided who’s name NEVER came up in ONE single report, was because he was NEVER in serious contention, until he was the only remaining option. Think about it)

    2.) We had numerous chances to hire several other more attractive candidates on the list and floundered.

    3.) Not only did we hire a DC who has NEVER consistently run the 3-4, but who by his previous own admission is a 4-3 guy and who was actually FIRED by Kelly, for refusing to run the 3-4 at his request. Sound familiar? Bullough….cough.

    Pawns like Anon, will further pontificate Tresey’s supposed glowing “Resume” like it was gospel, without any further analysis. You forget that these press releases are meant to be fluffed, but don’t mention the facts. Such as:

    In 2007 Cincy played a Cream Puff schedule, in a WEAK Big East, with favorable Big East draw. Most of their low scoring Defensive games were against WEAK non conference competition and they didn’t play a single ranked team that year.

    Cincy 2007 Schedule Points Allowed and TO’s

    SE Missuori St 3 (3-8 that year) 6 TO’s
    Oregon State 3 (UCLA won 41-14 @ OSU that yr.)7 TO’s
    Miami 10 (Not the one in Fl, but OH)4 TO’s
    Marshall 14 (3-9 that year BTW)2 TO’s
    SDSU 23 (4-8 that year BTW)2 TO’s
    Rutgers 23 (8-5 that year BTW)4 TO’s
    Louisville 28 (6-6 that year BTW)0 TO’s
    Pitt 24 (5-7 that year BTW)1 TO
    South Florida 33 8 TO’s but 481 Total Yds.
    UConn 3 1 TO
    West Virginia 28 3 TO’s
    Syracuse 31 (2-10 that year BTW)1 TO
    Southern Miss 21 (7-6 that year BTW) 3 TO’s

    With that schedule and with Brian Kelly’s offense behind him, even Bullough could have done that good.

  • LBCity Bruin

    And the new village iDI0+ title now belongs to BruinFateful. Congrats!

  • BruinFaithful

    Is that you Bob? Resorted to cyber allying with yourself have you? Bob, the one man cyber army. Did you finally wake up? Go back to sleep, the unemployment line is closed.

    If you have something substantive to say, then say it. Merely slinging insults, reflects badly on you. If you have worthy analysis to provide then do so. Then again, how can one take somebody who merely posts Anonymously serious?

    Your insults don’t even make sense. BruinFateful? WTF, does that mean? You still telling mom jokes in the locker room?

  • Anonymous

    BruinFaithful, you’re a complete embarrassment to the UCLA community. You clearly must have a job yourself because all you seem to do is check back every hour or so to trash all those who make an argument against your case? Get a life dude!

  • Anonymous

    BruinFaithful, you’re a complete embarrassment to the UCLA community. You clearly must have a job yourself because all you seem to do is check back every hour or so to trash all those who make an argument against your case? Get a life dude!

  • BruinFaithful


    You back talking to yourself again? Why don’t you go find your friend Neil, and shut it already?

    So, you officially speak for the Entire UCLA Community? This from the people who come one here and bash Jon? Calling him names and analy nitpick every single typo? I’m sorry, but you don’t run the UCLA Community or this Blog. Don’t try and bully either of us. We have a voice here.

    Really, I’ve been here every hour? I don’t think so, but I can certainly multi task and at least I wasn’t here at 3am talking to myself. Another Anonymous post, how brave and grand.

    I trashed everybody who disagreed with me? Why don’t you please scroll up and notice that as soon as my opinion differed from the hoard, I was personally attacked. I have a right to have a differing substantive, analytical, and relevant opinion. Why don’t you go and read my older posts. I have been extemely supportive of all the coaching changes and choices thus far, until this DC choice. We’ll see who’s right in about 9 months. See you all back here then. I hope you bring your memory and your humility, right or wrong. I really hope the guy works out, but I just don’t see it.

  • Bob

    You have got to be the dumbest so-called “Bruin”fan I’ve ever encountered…why don’t you retake reading comprehension 101 over again from the JC you really came from…it’s hard to believe someone who went to UCLA can possibly be as dimwitted as YOU. I bet you probably never even went to UCLA. Let me spell it out for you AGAIN…

    First of all, your 2:03am quote on digging up LA times:
    “like to see the Bruins incorporate a 3-4 look” DOES NOT (I repeat NOT) equal Neuheisel scrapping the 4-3 completely for a set 3-4 defense next year. If you read the quote I gave you from Neuheisel’s own mouth, you should be able to read and see that he meant Bullough didn’t know much about 3-4 and because of that it limited the options we had on defense. Read it again peabrain, Neuheisel wanted a couple of “alternative schemes” different from the base 4-3…not completely scrap the 4-3 in favor of a 3-4.

    Second of all, your quote from the LA “Trogan” times was written by Foster a trogan hack. It was Foster’s own writing you quoted …not Neuheisel’s words…get it? Do I have to SAY IT AGAIN?
    a “3-4 look” was Foster own words on what Neuheisel said…even then, the work “look” is used as in different looks as in different variations…as in “alternative schemes”… Neuheisel never said he wants a set 3-4 base defense for next year. That’s why I even provide you the actual text of the conference call Foster was referring to…nowhere does it say he wants a set 3-4 defense next year. Then I provide more proof of what Neuheisel really wanted by looking at the candidates he was considering and I showed you again that most ran defenses that were from 4-3 instead of the 3-4. Only Fangio shows a 3-4 from Stanford last season. Now basic reasoning skills say if RN wanted a 3-4 only defense, why would you consider all these candidates who mostly operate packages from 4-3? Case busted. So is this still confusing to you retard?

    btw, who’s also up at 2:30am trolling LA times for quotes…I have a nice job btw and I can spend my time however I please. You were the one insulting people saying you had all this knowledge and sh!t. But you have absolutely no clue what those quotes are about and make a fool of yourself. You can express your opinion all you want and I can express mine as well. And if you don’t like the hire and what Neuheisel is doing with the Bruins, don’t watch the games next season. No one is forcing you to watch UCLA play.

  • Bob

    one more thing, I don’t know who that Neil is you are trying to associate me with or with any of the previous posters and I don’t care…

  • Guys, chill out.

  • Trojan 70

    BruinFaithful – This has been great. The entire ucla community thinks you are a jackass, so does the entire USC community. What a loser!! I thought you didn’t read the LA Times? This is way too funny. Just remember: 4 and 8, ain’t it great!!