Wilner’s Pac-12 TV update

The great Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News chimes in on the Pac-12’s exploration of a new TV deal, which obviously has huge implications on UCLA: Check it out

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  • Anon

    I think there’s another element that the San Jose writer failed to account for. Now that the Lakers have signed with Time Warner cable to establish 2 Laker channels (1 English and 1 Spanish), Fox will lose the Lakers off Fox Sports West which will be a major blow as Fox will now have very little content to justify the huge cost of FSW/Prime ticket. The Dodgers aren’t enough to offset.

    So perhaps the PAC-12 commissioner sees this as the perfect alignment of the stars to get Fox to pony up the dough. They know Fox will be looking to add content rather than cut the price that cable providers have to pay. And with ESPN snapping up so many properties, there are very few worthy huge opportunities left to grab.

  • Larry

    Anon @ 2:17am, I hope you’re wrong. PLEASE – NO MORE CONTRACTS WITH FOX. The poor quality of the broadcasts and their lack of “getting with the times” and making their games available via the Internet and at decent hours for the rest of country to watch is killing the conference – well, that and the low level of play we’ve had recently – but that’s besides the point ;o).

  • Anon

    If FOX was to sign a big contract for the PAC-12, they would leverage the games everywhere to recoup their costs, including the regular FOX channel, not just keep it regional to the West Coast and definitely not just to FSW/Prime Ticket.