Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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What do you think is more important to the Pac-10 schools and conference – to make sure they are on National TV on the east coast in Prime Time so that their east coast fans can see the games at a reasonable hour, or, to be completely devoted to their alumni and local fan base who actually pay and donate to the school, and put butts in the seats – to provide the games at an hour where it is not in rush hour traffic, or during the weekend breakfast hour (or even soccer game times) which bascially means that it is harder to watch/get to the games? – rejn
What is most important to the conference? Starts with a “cha” and ends with a “ching.”

2) Will the delayed decisions concerning the defensive coaching positions have an impact in on Spring practice in relation to developing defensive schemes, etc? – Anonymous
No I don’t think it will. From a purely coaching standpoint, the delay in staff decision really means nothing. I don’t even think it affected recruiting drastically. From a PR standpoint, that’s a whole other issue.

3) Is Bruce Davis still on The Steelers roster? – BRUINBEATCH
No, and he hasn’t been for a while. He plays for the Raiders.

4) Is it going to be a dog fight between Bruins and Buffaloes for worst football team in new Pac 12 next year? – Anonymous
No, I think UCLA will be better than that. Not drastically better, but better.

5) Has anything positive ever happened with Reeves Nelson running the fast break? From what I’ve seen he either commits a offensive fould or turns the ball over. He is very fluid with the ball in his hands until reaches decision making time then implodes. You would think that after being called for countless charges he would be bright enough to pass the ball up or stop from 10ft out and shoot a jumper. – incalos
You would think a lot of things with this team. Nelson did have a couple of decent fast breaks against Arizona State, but I agree, he should not be doing that often. That’s just another area where experience matters. He’ll either improve or just stop doing it, but a lot of sophomores aren’t quite so patient or heady.

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  • bob

    reeves is under the impression he is lamar odom

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    …more like a cat fight.

  • Johnny Angel

    Would that be “cha” “ba” “da” “ba” “do” “ching”?