Watch This.

Check out Blair Angulo’s awesome video of Tyler Trapani’s basket at the end of UCLA’s 71-49 win over Arizona on Saturday. Great stuff from Ben Howland, too.

Check it out

I’ll have some more videos tomorrow, but this is a pretty special one for tonight.

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  • MichaelRyerson

    AND off the glass! I saw my first game at Pauley in 1965 and I’ve managed to see at least one game in each of the subsequent decades. My high point was 1974 when I saw all but one home game. I live a long ways away now but I still look first for the Bruin box scores whatever the season. I remember the doors to Pauley being unlocked during the day and going in and sitting in the stands and eating my lunch watching Coach Wooden running practice. And I remember the banners. Years later I took my son to campus and while we were walking around I said, ‘They used to leave these doors unlocked but probably not now’ (this is about 1999) Imagine my surprise and delight when I pulled on one and it opened right up. In we went and sat down in about the same place I’d sat over thirty years before. I had a Power Bar in my pocket and we split it in half and sat munching away while he drank it all in. He looked around and I knew what he was thinking even before he said, ‘Gee, these are all National Championship banners.’ And Trapani scores on a bank shot. Cool. Really cool.

  • The fact that Howland can get so emotional over this makes me like him and want him even more to be our coach indefinitely. What a moment!

  • Anonymous

    Love the story, MR. I remember being a junior in high school and reluctantly visiting the UCLA campus with my dad on the traditional touring of universities road trip many high-schoolers do with their parents in ’92. For whatever reason, I wanted nothing to do with UCLA even though I’d never been there. As soon as I got to Westwood and on campus I was in love. And, of course, I remember walking into an unlocked Pauley, sitting in the stands, and soaking it all in. I saw a few students in there studying and couldn’t imagine a better place to to homework. My 180 on the school was complete before I walked into Pauley, but that was the icing on the cake. To this day, my decision to go to UCLA was by far one of the 2-3 best decisions of my life.