Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Michael Benson

    It seems lately like Howland has been loosening up a bit in press conferences? I’ve seen him joking more than I’m used to? Is that your impression?

  • Michael Benson

    It seems lately like Howland has been loosening up a bit in press conferences? I’ve seen him joking more than I’m used to? Is that your impression?

  • Give us someone your keeping your eye on this year to explode onto the scene for the bruins? I.E. a Eric Kendricks, or AO.

  • Anonymous

    Your thoughts about what has been going right this year for the men’s basketball team compared to last year’s disaster? Is it the addition of Smith and Jones, the maturation of the other players, or something else?

  • The Blur

    You think Honeycutt’s decision to stay or go pro will be all business, or does he have enough of an emotional tie to UCLA and the team to be a factor in that decision?

  • Anonymous

    What has the football team been doing as far as off-season workouts? What have the new coaches begun to prepare for spring and season? Are they involved with the off-season work?

  • Anonymous

    What/who are we looking for in the next class? This season, it was Hunley but is there another specific 4-5 star we a pushing hard for in 2012?

  • Anonymous

    Is it to late for UCLA to pickup anyone else for 2012 basketball? Anyone we’re hoping will want or is trying to transfer?

  • seattle brewin

    What recruits showed up for junior day and any idea how it went?

  • Coach Thom

    These ‘anonymous’ questions seem to be coming from someone who wants to glean information for sources outside our own programs. Be careful divulging too much sensitive info, Jon.

  • Anonymous

    Would it be more accurate to characterize Reeves Nelson as friendly and engaging or aloof and distant given his misleading “Dane Cook with sinister eyes” look?

  • Stu

    I think its fair to say most UCLA fans thought the football uniforms worn last year were terrible?

    Who chooses the uniforms — Adidas or the sports administration office? I know CA budget times are really bad, but do we take money from Adidas to wear their ugly experiments?

  • Warren

    It seems to me that certain things can be improved as far as basketball skills with practice, and certain things can’t. For example, FG shooting, FT shooting, defensive rotations, offensive sets, and maybe even defense can be improved. Perhaps effort with the right motivation. However, it seems like decision-making and passing are things that either you have those abilities or you don’t. Those seem to be two of the biggest issues with this team. Do you think we are doomed to high-turnover games next year, even with another of experience?

  • Warren

    Even though he has made some big shots and blocked many, Honeycutt turns the ball over A LOT and takes some bad shots. Sometimes it seems that he takes away as many possessions from the Bruins as he helps. With the Wear twins coming in and another year of experience for some of the frontcourt players, would the team be that much worse off if he left for the NBA?

  • Jbruin

    Do you have any thoughts on the spring practice schedule? I always wondered whether having a longer period would be better for the team, in that they would have more down time between practices to get up to speed with the playbook. I know that there is also a benefit to loading it all in at once, but thought those that had a longer period for spring practice had a bit of an advantage, since the players would have more time to let things soak in. Do you think there is any legitimacy to this theory?

  • Bobby

    Reeves seemed to call out a beat writer in the post game press conference for a comment he made on a message board about his defense. Was Reeves being too sensitive by taking to heart comments on a message board or was the writer out of line calling out his defense? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all your hard work, Jon. What is your overall impression of the UCLA fanbase? As a loyal alum, I am frustrated with the lack of support we show our players, coaches and administration when things don’t go 100% perfectly. The folks over at BruinsNation, for example, seem to be a particularly negative, and vocal, group. Are they the best representation of our fanbase? Other than here, of course, where else should we be looking for good information and insights? Lastly, is is it different or better at other high profile athletic universities? Thanks.

  • Jim

    Hey John…two questions:

    1) Does the win on Saturday lock up a tourney berth regardless of what happens the rest of the season? Or, if for some reason we blow both Washington games and the 1st Pac-10 tourney game, would we be back on the bubble?

    2) Do you think the Pauley renovation next season has any impact on players’ decisions to return next season, namely Lee and Honeycutt?

  • theuclan

    if Tyler stays another year and with the addition of the Wear twins – how does the lineup look next year and who will be the first guys off the bench?

  • JJA42

    Do you truly believe that the ESPN Confer…I mean the Big East Conference deserves/will get 11 teams in this year (as some have been saying over the past week)?

  • BruinBBallFAn

    Several recuiting services have upgraded the status of Texas point guard LJ Rose recently. Do the Bruins have a chance at landing him?

  • lbbruin

    Jon, What’s up buddy,

    How good can this B-Ball Team be if everyone comes back next year? And with the wear twins contributing?

  • Ryan

    Is Anthony Jefferson going to get a medical redshirt? He played in less than 30% of the games…

  • clyde

    How much of the playbook is given to the players during spring practice? Any idea when we will know where the basketball team will play next season?

  • Mt Hermon

    Who is that little kid who works as the ball boy at the baseball games?

  • BruinBall

    It seems like Fox is broadcasting even fewer of the PAC-10 games this season than before? Any reason for that?

  • Anonymous

    since ucla football takes forever for hires, can we start the process for a new head coach now? Since CRN will be let go after 1012 season.

  • VAbruin

    Hey Jon,

    With the Pac-10 expanding to the Pac-12 next year, are there plans to keep the same basketball format next year (i.e league games played mainly on Thursday and Saturday?)

  • Spencer

    If Tyler Honeycutt leaves for the NBA at the end of this year, who do you think will get the minutes at the 3? Who do you think starts next season as the starter?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    When is UCLA’s Pro Day and who is scheduled to audition for NFL scouts that day?

    How is Kevin Prince coming along in his recovery? Will he be ready to participate in spring practice?

    During the slow summer months, any chance you can start interviewing UCLA celebrity alums (Sean Astin, Brad Delson of Linkin Park, etc.) to get their takes on Bruin sports?

    Thanks for the great work as always.

  • San Diego Therapist

    Does the availability of playing in Anaheim next season, change if the Sacramento Kings move there? They’d be playing in the same arena right?

  • Jbruin

    I was wondering if you would be willing to change the format of the Weekly Q&A by including a cutoff time for when questions need to be posted? Ideally, if you could put the post up on Sunday/Monday, and give the readers until Thursday evening to post questions, that would be great.

  • l.a. steve

    What’s your view on Coach Howland’s last recruiting class of Lazeric Jones, Joshua Smith, and Tyler Lamb. How much do you think it has had to do with going from fourteen and eighteen to twenty-one and eight?

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    Have read your site now for months and finally decided to start joining in. It’s been great reading from the foot of The Rockies, keeping me up on the team of my youth while living in LA. Thanks, too, for “keeping it clean” as I have a 7th grade son and aspiring young athlete who has learned much as a next generation Bruin fan from this site. OK, now the the question: Whom the better prospect coming out early for NBA, Honeycutt or (Jrue) Holliday? I say Honeycutt, even w/his penchant for mass dissapearing acts. You?