Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) What has the football team been doing as far as off-season workouts? What have the new coaches begun to prepare for spring and season? Are they involved with the off-season work? – Anonymous

Videos of some of the workouts are on the official UCLA website, and the coaches are in the midst of determining the systems and the personnel they need to run the systems. Only S&C coaches are allowed in the off-season workouts. Spring ball starts in less than a month.

2) What/who are we looking for in the next class? This season, it was Hunley but is there another specific 4-5 star we a pushing hard for in 2012? – Anonymous
I would say some of the biggest targets are S Shaquille Thompson, RB Barry Sanders Jr., WR Bryce Treggs, TE Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick and OL Jordan Simmons.

3) Is it to late for UCLA to pickup anyone else for 2012 basketball? Anyone we’re hoping will want or is trying to transfer? – Anonymous
Obviously the Larry Drew II thing is still bouncing around – though there’s been nothing solid – but I wouldn’t be altogether shocked if UCLA got someone late in the process. Obviously, a lot has to do with who stays and who goes to the NBA.

4) These ‘anonymous’ questions seem to be coming from someone who wants to glean information for sources outside our own programs. Be careful divulging too much sensitive info, Jon. – Coach Thom
You made me seem way, way more important than I actually am. I’m not James Bond, here. I don’t even like martinis, shaken OR stirred.

5) Would it be more accurate to characterize Reeves Nelson as friendly and engaging or aloof and distant given his misleading “Dane Cook with sinister eyes” look? – Anonymous
This made me laugh out loud. I would characterize Nelson as guarded and protective, but funny and engaging at times. Really, I just think he’s an emotional kid who wears his heart on his sleeve, along with four dozen other tattoos. We’ve had our issues, but he’s been very good towards the end of the season in terms of media accessibility.

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  • Reformed Droog

    Not even appletinis? I call BS…

  • captainqtp

    If we can get Barry Sanders to sign with us, and Nick Montana to transfer from Washington, we’d have Rice, Montana, and Sanders on the same team!