Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Spencer

    Prediction time. Who do you think starts at the 3 next year? How do you see the breakdown of the minutes?

  • BruinInSeattle

    A commment and two questions…as a Bruin fan, thank God for the Daily News and Orange County Register. I’ve asked questions regarding the LATimes approach to the Bruins in the past and you haven’t answered — is it your policy not to comment on the practices of your peers? I grew up reading the LA Times and now I avoid it, why do you think it has such an adversarial approach to UCLA?

  • BruinInSeattle

    With UCLA falling behind just about every game in the first half, do you think Howland should get an offensive coordinator and just concentrate on defense and game time decisions? Or, perhaps, let the team loose in the first half to feel out the other team and then make adjustments a the half? Because right now, they seem really tight in the first half and spend forever setting up their plays, irrespective of who the other team is and how they play. Then again, I’m just a fan (a long time fan, but a fan) and don’t as much as coach Howland or you.

  • How high a seed could the Bruins be if they win the Pac-10 tournament? If they finish second?

  • Ryan

    Will Anthony Jefferson and Iuta Tepa be given medical redshirts for last year? Jefferson played in less than 30% of the games and Tepa despite my vigilant following of the program fell completely off of the radar. And do you in a realistically see any of the young corners (Jefferson, Sermons, McDonald) passing Price or Hester?

  • BruinFaithful

    What have you heard about our new JC commit De-And Parker? Are we looking for him to play some PG? Can he? Can you do an interview with him soon? Additionally, why haven’t we offered DeAndre Daniels? Are there off the court issues? Is he looking like a Prep School candidate?

  • Anonymous

    Would you and Coach Howland agree that the entire team needs to be locked in a gym with a shooting coach for six months after the season given that they appeared to have lost all ability, confidence, and interest in making any (spot up, pull up, turnaround) wide open outside shots? If you were coaching against this team, wouldn’t you just pack it in around the basket and dare UCLA to shoot jump shots?

  • Anonymous

    Given your growing reputation as a psychic that has gone viral (just google “Ben Howland” and “Kiss”), would you please wager Coach Howland to “bring it in for the real thing” for a kiss on the lips if he wins the NCAA tournament this or next year (start and be apart of a new tradition)?

  • Anonymous

    I’m a USC fan but I’m really jealous of the UCLA fans. Why you ask? What can a Bruin fan possibly have that’s worth Trojan envy? You have Jon Gold and we have Scott Wolf! Enough said?

    My question: Jon, I’ve heard that you are not a Bruin alumni. If not, where did you graduate and how were you able to earn this gig on Inside UCLA?

  • BruinInSeattle

    Any word on when Brandon Davies will be coming to Westwood?

  • jscout13

    During your long explanation about “the kiss” you mentioned you were the beat writer for SDSU. I’m an alumni there from 02-05 did you write on SDSU during that time? For which paper? The UT? I was at the SDSU game on Saturday night to see us wrap up the MWC championship it was so awesome! Do you wish with the resurgence of SDSU basketball and football that you were back in SD?

  • gobruins

    Is Marcus Simmons really a better defender than Malcolm Lee? Lee shut down a lot of people this year and one of them was a national player of the year candidate, Jimmer Fredette. I’m saying this not because Simmons is a Trojan, but I really feel that Lee should be the Pac10 Defensive Player of the Year and he got snubbed.

  • Bill West

    I am not sure if anyone has asked this lately.. but could you check it out and give us an official update on Kevin Prince.. Will he be back for spring? Does he have any pain? Can he run at all? If not back for spring when do they think he will be able to go full force on the knee? Thanks Jon

  • Reformed Droog

    Does the tag cloud work? I can’t remember the last time we talked about Alterraun Verner… Maybe it can be removed and replaced with your photo – the one where CBH is sexually harassing you?

  • anonymous

    Any update on 2012 basketball recruiting?

  • Anonymous

    Marcus Simmons is a great defensive player. To say that Marcus Simmons had a defensive impact greater than any of the four frontcourt players in the Washinton UCLA game or Malcolm Lee seems audacious. Maybe careless.
    Both Marcus Simmons and Lee shutdown individuals (Lee on a far more successful team, maybe more frequently, more consistently, and more effectively as the record reveals) while Joshua Smith has a defensive impact on an entire team. Marcus Simmons influences the way a player dribbles, Joshua Smith influences the way a team plays offense. Joshua Smith’s and Malcolm Lee’s team will compete in the tournament. Simmons’? Shouldn’t an individual’s defensive ability be determined primarily by how well the team performs as a result?
    I have to remind myself this may be largely the same group of critics naming Russell Westbrook to the….Second Team.

  • San Diego Therapist

    Is there any bad blood, after the hiring of Mastro away from Nevada, only a year after the Wolf Pack helped the UCLA coaching staff implement the Pistol offense?

  • John


    What are Bruins chances of landing either Shabazz Muhammad and/or Brandon Ashley? Petros is jealous that Coach kissed you.

  • bruin95grad

    Do you know if the football team has implemented a new playbook or do they have to wait until spring practices start? If so, are the players allowed to meet with coaches (HC/OC/DC) during this time to go over the plays?

  • FedUp Bruin

    Do you really think Josh Smith is the best NBA prospect in the Pac10? At 6’9, he’s not tall enough to be a real center, and at 700 pounds, he’s not quick enough to keep up with the NBA power forwards of today.


  • BruinBall

    Because of his turnovers and passive offensive play, the consensus seems to be that Honeycutt is lazy. Do you think he’s lazy or is it just his personality or style of play or something else?

  • Anonymous

    Do you see Carnell Lake (new Steelers’ DB coach) and Rahim Moore reuniting in Pittsburgh? Mel Kiper has him going to the Jets with the 30th pick and Pittsburgh picks 31st.