Lee to play with small cartilage tear; Lamb, Anderson sick

UCLA head coach Ben Howland said junior guard Malcolm Lee with what’s being described as a cartilage tear in his left knee, suffered at the end of the Washington State game.

He had the MRI in Spokane, and when he arrived, doctors ordered a second one. The instrumentation was much more powerful here. It provides a much clearer picture. Bottom line is he has a small tear of the cartilage. That’s why he had some mild swelling; the swelling has since dissipated. He should be good to go. He’s not going to practice today.”

“The key to is it we’ve been assured he’s not in any danger of injuring it worse. This kind of thing has happened mutliple times.”

In other news, Tyler Lamb has strep throat but is expected to practice – doctors need to determine if it’s contagious – and Jerime Anderson is battling an undetermined sickness.

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  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    There you go. Minor tear causing swelling. Not a candidate for surgery (yet). Little to no chance of further injury. Only issue is at what level will Lee ba able to defend with some limited lateral mobility.

  • Brock

    really? why not just rest him until the ncaa tournament?

  • Anonymous

    Brock, the tournament had started. If we win this tournament our seeding improves dramatically, which means everything come the big dance.