Update on Malcolm Lee

I’ve been told by reliable sources that UCLA junior guard Malcolm Lee has a small tear in his left knee, and his family is weighing the options of surgery or playing through it. I haven’t been able to reach UCLA to confirm, but there is the weekly press conference scheduled for 1:30, so I’m sure we’ll find out official news then.

For an injury like this, depending on the severity, it is possible to continue playing without a major risk of further injury, but obviously with the NBA potentially beckoning, the decision is a tough one.

It is quite clearly a major blow to the Bruins, coming on the eve of the Pac-10 Tournament, which UCLA opens against the winner of Oregon/Arizona State on Thursday at 6:10 p.m.

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  • rejn

    No surprise since it was reported that there was swelling. Thought UCLA had a pretty chance of winning the conference tournament, whatever that’s worth, but now, not so good, and maybe even a one and done in the big dance. Hope not, but Lee was really a bright spot. Now Honeycutt needs to step up big time, and now we’ll really see how good (or overhyped) he is.

  • Anonymous

    This sucks! He is so important to our defense, especially against teams with really good guards…

    I hope he plays through it, but I understand if he doesn’t. Mr. Lamb, time to have a breakthrough.

  • The Big Woof!

    I’m not a doctor, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but it would seem to me that the wise course of action would be for Malcolm to sit out the Conference Tourney, continue getting any possible medical treatment possible, and for him and his family, with the best medical advice available, to make the decision before the first tournament game.
    Good luck, Malcolm, thanks for all you have given the team so far, and make the best decision you can based on all factors.

  • CJ003

    I agree w/ big woof. Malcolm has given his best effort all year, I don’t think anyone would blame him for missing games (pac-10 tourney or ncaa). It would be great to have him on the court, but not at the expense of ruining his career.

  • ucla-of-the rockies

    Wow, what a sock in the gut …
    With his potential for future after college, I hope he rests, gets the necessary treatment and gets back strong for what could be a Nat’l title run next year.
    As for the possibility of The Stretch Run w/o him, shades of Cameron Dollar-4-Tyus Edney pop to mind.
    And Jon, your insistence on Lamb getting more time becomes a 20-25 min. per game reality now.
    How far can the new 8-man rotation go? Maybe even further, w/how strange these things sometimes work out. Maybe this is the wake-up call needed to jar us from our 10-min-per game slumber.
    Step-up call now goes to Zeke & Jerime for improved perimeter defense & Honeycutt to fill in everywhere else. If he does this, both a nice UCLA run (Sweet 16?) and the NBA (1st rd?) could both become realities.

  • rejn

    Just like Woof said, I’m not a doctor either, but if there’s enough concern to sit him out for the Conference tourament, then really you’re saying it’s not in his best interest to play with it that way it is – today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week or next month. He plays now, does more damage, that’s not good and just prolongs the recovery and rehab time. He sits out, rests it for a weeks, maybe it gets better, maybe not. That’s probably the best option unless it’s clear cut that surgery is the only way to go. Or, he just takes the plung and does surgery now hoping that he can be back in plenty of time for his NBA workouts. On the other hand, sounds like he’s screwed. UCLA may have gotten another year of Malcolm Lee at the expense of this years post season success. That’s too bad. Was really looking to see how good UCLA could play in post season. At the same time, maybe it’s a moot point. Starting a playoff/tournament game like they did agains Washington State will get them nowhere. And that’s a real possibility, too.

    Blessings to you Malcolm. Hope it all works out for you. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. If I were you, I would be in prayer and ask God for a special touch and for His will to be done in this situation. And healing. God Bless You!

  • BruinPain

    I’m neither a doctor nor do I play one on television; however, I believe it’s a no-brainer that Malcolm’s health comes first. He’s still young and should come back strong and healthy next season. I don’t know the severity of the injury or how they can be treated in the short term but I wouldn’t risk his career. The Bruins are a team so others will have to step up.

  • hogsman

    Lee has shown substantial improvement after a slow start this season, but he’s nowhere near ready to test the NBA waters — he still doesn’t have a reliable outside shot and his offensive decision-making needs improvement. Hope he doesn’t damage his knee further.

    The extra minutes for Lamb could be a blessing-in-disguise for the team’s success next year and the year after. Once he gets his outside shot working, he could be a real star.

  • Anonymous

    Lee must do what is best for his nba career

  • E

    Per OC Register:

    UCLA All-Pac-10 guard Malcolm Lee will play in this week’s Pac-10 tournament despite a slight cartilage tear in his right knee, Bruin coach Ben Howland said.

    A second MRI exam on Monday revealed the tear. Lee suffered the injury late in UCLA’s overtime victory at Washington State Saturday afternoon.

    “He has a small tear in his cartilage and he should be able to play with that and play through that because it’s been done a lot,” Howland said. “It’s very small. He should be OK. I think he’s going to be OK. I think he’s going to be fine.”

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I am not a Doctor, either, but I have a brain and can think. The decision of whether to ‘play through it’ or have surgery has nothing at all to do with UCLA’s post-season. It has EVERYTHING to do with the nature of the tear. If it will require surgery at some point, then he would NOT play through it and cause additional injury. On the other hand, if surgery is an OPTION (i.e., either surgically repair it and hope you have no residual damage, or OPTION 2, play through it because the risk of FURTHER injury is nil to next to nil), then he is weighing that with his family.

    And wheter or not he plays in the post-season, TYLER H. (“HYPE”) AND TYLER L. (“LITTLE LAMB”) need to step up their games. It is the post-season! Goodness gracious! Sakes Alive!

  • Pyperkub

    Hey Jon – next time can you try to determine what kind of tear it is? There’s a big difference between a small cartiledge tear and a small ligament tear.