UCLA spring ball injury update

From UCLA:

The following players will not be participating in Spring Practice while rehabbing from surgery/injuries. All are expected back for Fall camp.

QB Darius Bell: Off-season surgery on left shoulder (labrum).
DE Keenan Graham: Off-season surgery on left hip.
OG Casey Griffiths: Back issues.
S Dalton Hilliard: Off-season surgery on right knee to remove loose body.
CB Anthony Jefferson: 2010 surgery broken left foot.
WR Jerry Johnson: 2010 surgery on left ankle fracture.
LB Patrick Larimore: 2010 surgery on left shoulder (labrum).
P Jeff Locke: Off-season surgery on right hip (labrum).

Here are the players who will be limited to non-contact participation. All are expected back for Fall camp.

QB Nate Crissman: 2010 right shoulder surgery (labrum)
WR Shaquelle Evans: 2010 season surgery on left shoulder.
LB Jared Koster: 2010 season surgery on right shoulder
QB Kevin Prince: 2010 right knee surgery (individual drills only)

Here are injured players from last season who have been cleared to participate in Spring Practice.

DE Derrick Bryant: Right shoulder
F-back Robert Franco: Left shoulder
LB Todd Golper: Back
DE Datone Jones: Foot
C Kai Maiava: Left ankle
DB Brandon Sermons: Leg
DE Iuta Tepa: Right shoulder
F-back Damiem Thigpen: Right shoulder
TE John Young: Left shoulder.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, counting the injured players who just got cleared, that is about 25% of the squad that is injured or recently recovered from injuries. Is that typical for a D-1 squad or are we injury prone?

  • mike

    Is Nate Crissman related to Nick Crissman. Maybe he will have less shoudler problems.

  • Brock

    Did i read this right? TWO QBs with labrum injuries? might as well kiss their careers goodbye. and BUMMER about anthony jefferson. no idea he was injured and i wanted to see how he played in spring ball. and SUPER GLAD to have Thigpen back. I hope the new offensive coordinator can use him and show what he can do. Guy is electric!

  • Astute Observer

    Considering the “drills” only limitation of 2 QBs and another out entirely, looks like young Dr. Hundley will be getting some major reps this Spring.


    A M.A.S.H. Unit has less casualties than a football team.

    As I always have contended, football should be banned, and of course it is not played in any civilized country.